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      My GP used to manage my ADHD meds (Adderall XR 20mg), but recently made a policy change and I had to find a specialist.

      I have a lot of trouble with sleep quality/quantity, and am already being treated for a sleep disorder (apnea). The ADHD specialist recommended to add a low dose of Clonidine at bedtime. This is a blood-pressure med (I also have pre-hypertension, so that’s a bonus) that is sometimes used off-label for anxiety or ADHD. The doctor said it increases the depth and duration of the sleep phase where your body & brain repair themselves.

      I am definitely sleeping sounder and feel calmer and more resilient during the day. I don’t get that Five O’Clock Fried feeling where I Just.Can’t.Even.Anymore. I’m more cheerful and playful with my family during the day.

      Just wondering if anyone else is using/has used this, and what your experiences were?

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      Penny Williams

      Kapvay is the extended release of clonidine and you can see user reviews for it here:


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      I am using clonidine to help with my oh, what’s it called?…. rejection sensitivity… I think it’s working lol… I use trazodone for sleep, so I cannot attest to clonidine’s affect in that department, sorry!

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      I am! I’ve actually been taking it for years (since I was 4 years old and was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance of norepinephrine). Ritalin (according to my mother) made me 10 times more hyper/crazy than I already was, apparently Ritalin triggered my brain to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode more often than it already did when I was younger. I finally found a doctor that tried prescribing a quarter of Catapres i.e. Clonidine because my brain wasn’t developed enough at 4 years old to handle ADHD meds. Fast forward 25 years later, I’m obviously still insanely hyper but a low dose of Vyvanse paired with half a .01mg Clonidine tablet x2 daily (morning and afternoon), it’s literally a miracle combination.
      I still have to focus in depth on maintaining self awareness and control but it allows me the ability to harness my outrageous energy levels and channel it using different methods I’ve learned work the best for me.
      ADHD is actually a major strength in my adult life, it gives me the energy and perseverance ‘normal’ people can’t even comprehend.
      I call it organized chaos lol ADHD can be a blessing or a curse depending on the perspective. I’ve found implementing certain structural procedures to check myself has made the willingness to overcome daily battles a key part in my success.

      I’m glad you’ve found that balance! 🙂

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