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      These past few months my dr. Wanted too try my on 20mg generic Adderall. So I came down from 30mg and haven’t felt any difference with the 20mgs. Anyone have any tips for me on this change or should I inform my dr on my next visit that I feel that these MGs aren’t working for me the same way the other did? I’m trying my best on the 20 but it just makes me feels irritated and still like I can just sleep the day away completely. Just asking for some advice

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      These batches have been terrible as of the last few years imo and the last 7 yrs generally.
      Ive Taken 40mg dexedrine a day for 15 yrs consistently in morning and at noon. Went off, my idea, 2 months ago. Its the acquisition I think.

      I have terrible ADHD and severe narcolepsy but was getting so sick randomly and still get nothing done but its better then getting sick or paying for things which don’t work.

      Peace and best wishes and I don’t think you’re crazy at all to feel this way.

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      I would definitely advise speaking with your provider and noting that things don’t seem to be better. I would cite examples if you can, noting how there is a difference now than from the previous higher dose. Medication adjustments can be frustrating as they take a lot of time and often lead to feeling like you’re suffering more while you wait. You could also ask to meet with your provider more frequently. ADHD meds act quickly, so you can see results within a week or two weeks instead of a month or more. Asking to meet every couple of weeks during the adjustment period, if you can afford it, isn’t a bad idea. Good luck!

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