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      My son has been diagnosed for almost 4 years but we started our medication journey 6 months ago. My son has reached a point where his academics are really suffering and he needs medication. We are on our 8th medicine after mostly blindly trying different meds. We are now working with an experienced neurologist. Based on the genesight testing amphetamines were green-lighted for him but he has too many side effects. As opposed to trying the full gamut of amphetamines he suggested Wellbutrin, I think since my son was moody on most of the meds. Its been 1 week and we’re still working our way up the dosages.

      I’m curious if anyone has had good results. There is not much on the web about Wellbutrin for kids with ADHD.

      My son is 10 and small for his age (52 lbs). We were encouraged to started at 37 mg (half a pill), then work our way up to 150 mg. My instinct is that 150 would be way too high. We are now at 75 mg and we’ll stay at this dose for a few more days. So far no side effects but no results yet. I was told it could take a couple of weeks.

      Thanks for any insight!

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      Penny Williams

      It could take a month or more to see the full effects of Wellbutrin. Here are some user reviews:


      Keep in mind, the dosage is based on neurotransmitter needs and metabolism, not based on size or age.

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      Im not a child physically but i was taking wellbutrin for a short time after being so poor thats all the county would prescribe aside from concerta, and the medication sort of kept me awake during the day and i didnt smoke hardly any cigarettes at all
      Why ?
      Because my rear end was stuck glued to the lazy boy chair watching tv and thats all i could do. If someone tried to talk to me or grab my attention i would bite their heads off ( not literally, its not bath salts lol) verbally.
      Terrible med for me anywho

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