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      I have tried various ADHD medications over the past 2 years, and the best to work for me so far is Vyvanse, it works amazing and treats my ADHD, with no side effects, however 1 major one side effect is: I can’t Sleep at all. We’ve tried different Vyvanse doses so I don’t think it’s a dosage problem. Started at 30mg, eventually reached 50mg. I’ve stopped Vyvanse.

      Currently on 10mg Dexedrine Spansule. I was recommended this since its intermediate acting, but still can’t get any sleep!

      I’m really frustrated, want to continue to be ADHD free, but the sleep is getting to me. Does anyone have suggestions that could help out?

      I’ve read things like intense exercise (not sure how intense/how long/type of exercise, but willing to do it?). My work isn’t keeping me as busy these days. Could this be a factor? Can anyone suggest or have any input? If I engage and become extremely busy/preoccupied with work, could this help in sleeping better?

      I’ve tried melatonin, chamomile tea, etc, and definitely don’t want sleep medications for long term.

      Highly Appreciate any suggestions or what’s worked for others?

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      Check yours PM.

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      Thanks, but can’t seem to find the PM tab?

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      First and foremost, it’s critically important that you maintain a regular sleep routine. Unplug your devices at least an hour before bed. No caffeine or alcohol at night. Go to bed and wake up roughly the same time every day. I recognize that having ADHD this might be extremely difficult to do so I recommend set alarms for yourself or even better, ask someone to help your enforce it.

      Regular exercise also helps. Again, ask a buddy to help maintain an exercise regimen if you find it difficult to do it on your own. You will find that people are willing to help.

      Try meditating regularly as well. Just sit straight up, close your, and just pay attention to your breath. It sounds trivial at first but the more you do it, the better you are at it. You can then apply this practice lying down when you are ready to sleep. I have found it has helped lull me to sleep as it clears out all the crazy thoughts racing in my mind or rather, I just don’t dwell on those thoughts for too long.

      Good luck!

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      Great Tips. I’ll stop using my phone 1 hour before for sure, guilt of that. Also meditation is something I’ve recently learned and will try to do it regularly before and even apply it while lying down. Never thought about deep breathing while lying but good suggestion!
      Also have to speak to doc, perhaps the dose could be lowered which may improve sleep.

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      BLUE LIGHT GLASSES! I do not have adhd, but I was having random wake at 3 am for some reason. I got blue light blocking glasses and I usually put them on after dinner (we have early dinner, little kids, so adjust for your time zone of course) and they have helped a lot! I still get slightly roused sometime early in the AM, the cat is often the culpret, but I roll over and adjust my pillow and usually fall right back to sleep. Nights I skip the glasses I notice. It is worth a try!

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