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      I would love to hear opinions on the use of medicinal marijuana on children with mental health issues. My 9yr old son lives with mild forms of Tourette’s, adhd, ocd, ied and generalized anxiety disorders! He has been on a steady course of the antipsychotic Abilify for 2yrs now! We have tried numerous antidepressants and adhd medications that he can not tolerate so we get by with the Abilify alone! It’s not perfect but it lessens the intensity frequency of his rage storms so he can manage! I really appreciate all opinions on the subject of marijuana use in children so young! I’m terrified to keep him on such a powerful antipsychotic so young and for how long is unknown! But I’m equally terrified to take away the only thing we have that works to try something we know nothing about but is more natural. Please help!!!

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      Do some research on CBD alone, without the THC which is what makes you high. It’s the CBD that has the medicinal effects.

      I take it to help manage my chronic pain and anxiety and my husband uses it for his anxiety.

      We want our 15 year old to try it, but he doesn’t like the taste.

      I don’t know if you are in Canada or not (I am), and it can be medically prescribed. I don’t know how much research you will find in this specifically related to ADHD, etc, but I’m all for trying it with my son in CBD form only.

      I hope any of this is helpful.

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      I have ADHD and I tried marijuana (before I did extensive research on the effect of THC on ADHD medicine and ADH, as well as anxiety) and I got a slight headache, but I actually got really focused (even though I didn’t smoke as much as my friends) but I would say try CBD alone because that has the medical effects, though I haven’t tried it myself.
      Hope this helps.

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      Please don’t send me product info to my email. If I’m interested, the info is in your post. My email is not for you to use.
      Thank you for your understanding 🙂

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