Any Intermittent Fasters (IF) here that can offer insight?

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      If you are following IF, do you take your medication in the morning? The whole reason I went to be assessed and tested was to get medication to help me focus and get tasks done on time. With IF you are not suppose to have anything that breaks your fast before your window (only water, black coffee or unsweetened tea-no flavors added). My question is can I be successful with IF if I take the morning dose.
      I want to work on stores of insulin in my body. I should specify that I had gastric bypass 2.5 years ago and I take 20mg of my medication in the morning at at lunch because of my metabolism.
      Thank you in advance!

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      You should take your meds in the morning. They won’t break your fast since they shouldn’t cause an insulin response. Essentially, you can eat or drink anything that has no (or very minimal) calories without issue. Regardless, taking medication should be a higher priority than fasting when your goal is to be focused and complete tasks.

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