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      Those of you who experience anxiety on stimulants… is there anything that has worked for you? I have had a really difficult year, trying to get my meds right and cope with the anxiety they cause. My psychiatrist lives in another state, and we speak infrequently.

      Vyvanse works really well, but gives me dreadful anxiety abd dry throat. Dexamfetamine sulphate doesn’t work for me and gives me anxiety. I am trying Ritalin for the fitst time today and have found that it has resulted in anxiety, too.

      Without the drugs, I have very good mental health and am a happy and confident person.

      I’m starting to feel really desperate about this. I don’t want to stop medication as I can now see how my ADHD symptoms have improved. Without medication, I can’t get myself started or organized. I feel a bit confused. I vague out when people are talking to me and realise I have no idea what was said, and my speech lacks fluency.

      Has anyone had this issue with the meds causing anxiety and finally found one that doesn’t?

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      I’m in the same boat, here looking for solutions. Having some sort of mild tremors as well recently. Been on 20MG daily of dextroamphetamine by Teva recently and anxiety is bad, previously same dose by Wilshire and it was a little better, but can’t find Wilshire anymore. It definitely varies by manufacturer, I’ve been through a bunch as a result of pharmacies changing over the last few years.

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      Hello, I’ve tried a generic Adderall XR by Teva and unfortunately it tested positive for other active ingredients that aren’t labeled as being in the medicine. So, unfortunately it left a lot to be desired. I think you might be referring to the drug company Shire? They make the original Adderall XR and now Vyvance. I fortunately haven’t had anxiety problems from stimulants. I have had badly tainted stimulants though.

      If you’re new to simulants treatment let me suggest you go with a name brand if your insurance will cover it. There are a lot of sub par generics out there. Also, if it feels off or wrong, trust your feeling and if you can have the drug checked or by yourself some home urinalyses tests. I’ve found other drugs in some of my stimulants this year. There is clearly some problems in the supply chain.

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      Penny Williams

      Are you trying each at the lowest dose? THat’s the standard of best practice for clinicians prescribing stimulants. If you are, and the anxiety is still present and unrelenting, there are a couple options:

      1) Try a non-stimulant medication

      Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication Overview

      2) Ask your physician about adding an anxiety medication, if the stimulant is working well for you otherwise.

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        Seconding what Penny said. Lower doses of medication and also non-stimulants are good options. And also maybe you’ve got some underlying anxiety that needs treatment as well. Work closely with your provider. It would probably be helpful to try and find a provider closer to you if that’s at all an option. I know it’s not always so easy, but if you’re talking about fine-tuning medications it can help to have someone who you can see frequently and in person to help assess what’s going on.

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