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      I’m 24 and I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD about a year and a half ago. I’m in my final year of university and the whole degree has been such a struggle which is what lead me to find out that I had ADHD. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression in the past and with all the stress of my degree and finding out about my diagnosis as an adult, my anxiety has sky rocketed and only seems to be getting worse. After focussing on ADHD for some time in therapy, we then turned to focus on my anxiety. I’ve been doing a kind of CBT and it just doesn’t seem to be helping at all. My therapist sets me sort of homework after each session such as practicing mindfulness and I feel like my ADHD gets in the way because I either procrastinate and don’t do the homework at all or I’ll practice techniques for a day or 2 and then stop doing it even if it seems to be helping. I’m even paying for a mindfulness app that im not using, along with my gym membership and everything else I’ve started and given up on. My anxiety is getting worse and worse and im starting to feel depressed and hopeless. My therapist says that she has taught me every technique there is and there’s nothing else she can do so we should end the treatment, and at the end of the day if I treat my anxiety or not is down to me because it’s all down to whether or not I do the homework and regularly practice the techniques she’s taught me at home. I don’t know why I’m not practicing the techniques or can’t seem to stick with it, which is why I think that my anxiety is to blame, but my therapist doesn’t seem to understand and I feel like she’s just giving up on me which makes me feel even more hopeless and depressed. I think if she ends the treatment my anxiety will get worse and I’ll fall into deep depression, because if therapy can’t even help me then what can? I really need some advice if anyone else has experienced something like this?

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      You don’t mention if you are being medicated for your ADD?

      If your not this may be the best thing to address first, once medicated the medication can really help slow your mind down enough to be able to concentrate on the tasks you need to complete and your therapists assistance. meditation also becomes easier to do.

      Not saying medication works for everyone but if it does its a life line for most with ADHD

      Stay safe and good luck.

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        Thanks, I’m taking vyvanse at the moment and it really helps for my concentration but it doesn’t help that much with procrastinating or motivation. If I start doing something then I can focus on it for hours now which is great for uni work, but I still feel really unmotivated with a lot of things

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      Penny Williams

      An ADHD Coach can help you develop tools and strategies to address these challenges.

      What Is an ADHD Coach?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I think it’s amazing that you’re finishing your degree – what an accomplishment! Maybe once you finish things in your life will appear less frantic, and you might be able to see your anxiety/depression through a different lens? What with the regular stress of class work, papers, exams, etc now being off your plate.

      I’m disappointed with your therapist’s response here. This isn’t about her or her ego! My wife is a therapist; I’m confident neither she nor my therapist (5 yrs now) would essentially say ‘screw this’ and walk away like that. Maybe look for referrals for a different therapist – one who has experience with your combination of challenges? That may help.

      I like Justin’s and Penny’s suggestions, too. That can go along with finding the right fit of therapist/coach. One other thing – have you talked to a doctor about whether you’re on the right meds? Early on in my diagnosis (18 yrs ago at age 35), I had to change meds b/c they weren’t working correctly. Just a thought. My only other input – BE KIND TO YOURSELF! You’ve really accomplished a lot at young age for someone with the challenges you face! Be proud and celebrate that! You have time to find the right strategies and the right professionals to get yourself where you want to be. Best of luck to you; sending all positive energy your way – let us know how things go…


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      It sounds like you are working so hard and trying to do your best in all areas of your life. I do have one suggestion if you are open to it. It is called Neurofeedback. I got diagnosed with ADHD/anxiety/depression back in 2012 (age 49). I took Ritalin which helped quite a bit, but then I stumbled into this treatment, and
      will be forever grateful.

      The beauty of Neurofeedback is that it is excellent for anxiety & depression plus it is easy and painless. Chronic anxiety is caused by one area in the brain stuck in overdrive and chronic depression means another part of your brain is under functioning. It literally brings your brain into balance and eliminates chronic symptoms.

      You are so young and I really hope you consider checking this treatment out. Not everyone has great results like I do, but I haven’t been on Ritalin for 8 years so I do feel quite blessed.

      If you are interested in learning more you can google “The Othmer Method” of Neurofeedback and eeginfo is their website

      Good Luck!


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