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      So I was undiagnosed for years I now am in my late 20’s and about 2 months ago my Dr. diagnosed me with ADHD I’ve known for years that I have Bipolar and GAD (generalized anxiety). at first I was relieved because I thought finally I know why I’ve always felt so different so extra emotional, but the guilt and regrets set in I don’t believe in over medicating and the thought of taking a pill for the rest of my life to feel normal just petrifies me. But being completely transparent since being put on Adderall my life has changed I now make lists and complete the tasks from said lists. I’m able to focus at work I even completed online law classes while at work. So yes I get it meds help but my question….

      Does anyone else on Adderall feel like your anxiety goes sky high once the pill kicks in? I want other peoples experiences with this medication from their perspectives? Any insight is appreciated. Is there anyone that has ADHD that doesn’t have anxiety that experiences these affects with the Adderall medication?

      *for me : about 20 mins after I take it my heart races I can’t sit still I have to be doing something or my anxiety goes so high to point I think im dying ( I know that ill rational) but it’s my reality. My chest tenses up and I think im going to have a heart attack. Even though physically my heart isn’t pounding fast but in my mind that’s what I be thinking.

      Keep in mind my EKG normal my echo cardio normal and I’m on lowest dose possible because I was scared to take the meds to begin with due to ppl getting addicted ect..also I tried Strattera before they switched me to Adderall.

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      My anxiety is INSANE on adderall. I took the tablets and it was so bad I felt psychotic almost. I was super agitated/angry/defensive/annoyed/hateful/etc. Not a lot of good things to say. Vyvanse went a lot better for me but just got tired of the slow long-acting so now I’m on dexedrine tablets which have worked great for a while but now I’m building tolerance quick to the fast-actings (which I think fast-acting I build tolerance faster with compared to longer-acting). I tried Ritalin 10-30 mg and Concerta 36 mg and it was okay, but my focus wasn’t great or anything but the low side effects was the best part of methylphenidates. Amphetamines are the sleep wreckers if you’re not careful (at least for me), so just have to be careful with dose+timing otherwise it can lead to being up the ENTIRE night as I know from probably 30-40 total all-nighters where I didn’t sleep one second. No matter how annoying the side effects get sometimes, it’s usually best to continuously take ADHD meds. My doctor advises “drug holidays” which is a hugely popular/controversial thing with stimulants where you take time off (whatever amount of time off you want) and then take the medicines again and the medicine is supposed to “work better.” For me, I think I’m 50/50 on such a technique, but it also helps in a way but then a lot of side effects return for me when starting up ADHD meds, but then the meds work better for a while versus just being super tolerant and never taking a day off where the meds work very little towards helping me if I never cease taking them. It’s super annoying to do in the modern-day world because nobody has time to stimulant withdrawal (especially amphetamines) and it’s nasty as hell let me tell you, but sometimes it’s worth the suffering without them for a bit because it can be a hugely annoying thing when you never take breaks and need the meds to work but they just don’t cut it for you. Just my opinion, but just thought I’d make you aware in case you were interested in some of that knowledge. Maybe you already know of what I said, but regardless I hope your ADHD improves in some way(s) and you succeed in your life’s pursuits. Feel free to message me if you’d like to ever and clearly you can tell I love talking to others struggling with ADHD 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      Yes, people do experience an increase in anxiety on stimulants sometimes. And, just because one stimulant makes you anxious, it doesn’t mean a different one will.

      There are two types of stimulants: amphetamine (Adderall, Vyvanse, Evekeo…) and methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant…). Almost everyone does well on one type or the other, but not both. It could be that you would do better on a methylphenidate — a discussion to have with your doctor.

      Here are some user reviews of Adderall:

      Adderall XR

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      I have experienced this first hard, I had a nearly constant sense of dread and was worried something was going to go wrong at any moment – I avoided people and my family because I was so overwhelmed with anxiety – it really nearly ruined my life. I would recommend either a major reduction in the dosage or another medication. Good that you caught this before it gets much further.

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