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      I recently bought myself and my son passes to Disneyland, WHAT A MISTAKE. He’s 7, and we haven’t been in 5 years so I honestly thought I was making his dreams come true. I should have known better. Disneyland is NO PLACE for a hyper sensitive hyperactive child. $2,000 later all he does is complain the ENTIRE TIME. The lines are too long, the sounds are too loud, the smells are weird, too many people, too much walking, his legs hurt, it breaks my heart every time. I thought this was going to be a bonding experience for us, a year that we could make awesome memories together that will last a lifetime and it has turned into a disaster. So far we have been 2 times maybe there are some techniques I can try to make it a more enjoyable experience for us both because as of now, we are both miserable. Help.

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