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      Hey all,
      I’m curious what everyone does to help manage their ADHD other than ritalin/adderal etc. I am currently on ritalin and concerta (like a long acting ritalin) and have been on these for quite some time now (probably upwards of five years). I am now in my HSC year and they are starting to become less and less effective which is an issue in such an important time. I am also on resperidone to reduce tics which is increased by ritalin/concerta and would like to stop taking all three as the resperidone makes me tired which was always counteracted by the ritalin/concerta but is no longer so i am tired all hours of the day except for when i should be asleep which is when i am wide awake. Looking for alternative ways to treat it. oddly enough, i have found that having the suggested 8 hours of sleep makes me tired, compared to if i have 2-4 hours which i feel wide awake. not too sure yet as to why this could be the case but it certainly is. does anyone know anything about how stimulants affect thyroid activity as after looking into it, i fit most of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism which can cause fatigue and sleep deprivation can apparently reduce performance of the thyroid (which if this is the case, is a positive not a negative in this situation) – i have been trying a whole range of new things but it’s a bit difficult as it seems that there are two issues present counteracting each other – thyroid working overtime which makes me constantly fatigued, weak etc. which from what i’ve tried, is only improved by sleep deprivation which works for a day or two but then i become tired due to that. Any ideas from anyone?
      Just to be clear, i’m looking at things such as caffeine, nothing illicit.
      Thanks in advance

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      I take 90mg of NP thyroid, as I’m hypothyroid and it has made a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference is how great I feel. Energy, sleep, mood, metabolism.

      Your endocrine system rules your whole body—it’s the manager of the body.

      I’ve lost lots of weight, have energy & my medication works so much better. I’m able to tolerate 10mg now vs just the 5mg.

      I think EVERYONE should go see a REALLY good endocrinologist who isn’t afraid to get you feeling “great,” not just “good.” I know alot of people on thyroid that need alot more than the dr. is willing to give them.
      Also, I’ve heard really negative things about synthetic vs pig thyroid.

      I don’t know what they give you if you’re hyperthyroid, but I imaging there’s something.
      Hope you feel better soon!

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      Dr Daniel Amen suggests GABA supplements for tics (100-500mg per day for adults), and L-tyrosine supplements for dopamine/to replace the Ritalin (doses of 500-1500mg twice or thrice a day for adults). You may have to take higher doses if you’ve been on meds for a long time. You can also try supplementing some of your dosage with these supplements, instead of going cold turkey.

      What you say about getting high on no sleep sounds interesting. You may want to check out your other symptoms against Dr Amen’s 7 ADD subtypes (, or you can check out his book Healing ADD for even more info). In case you’re worried he’s some quack, I want to clarify that he’s not anti-medication; he has a whole section in his book recommending medicine types and dosages.

      I would also suggest visiting your doctor for a thyroid test.

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