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    I actually haven’t been on this site in quite awhile. I was diagnosed 7 years ago with Hyperactive Impulsive Type ADHD. I first used Ritalin & Wellbutrin to manage my symptoms. Then I discovered Neurofeedback and everything changed. I was able to get off meds and no longer lived like the Tazmanian Devil. Now fast forward 6 years and I started struggling with severe depression/insomnia and low grade anxiety. I was crushed. It felt like going backwards. However I learned that I was post menopause and my poor brain was thrown for a loop.

    I just started Neurofeedback again and what a treat! Yesterday I was in the “zone” which I described as the most incredibly relaxing place possible. I did not want the session to end. It was better than any medication/exercise/food/alcohol/sex, etc. there are no words. I think for someone like me who knows too well what living imbalanced feels like finding balance again is just Eutopia.

    The last year my depression/anxiety/insomnia has been unbearable. Another gift I received when I started NFB was a new technology called Alpha-Stim. It is specifically for depression, anxiety and insomnia. It is a simple device with clips you put on your ear lobes and a tiny electrical impulse goes to your brain to increase alpha waves (these are the calming/feel good waves). I had my first 60 minute session 9 days ago. On my way home, the deep heavy pocket of depression was gone! Now I still have depression, but the worse part has already been lifted (I have not felt it again). And I fell asleep within minutes that night, unreal. I have been struggling with falling asleep and I am smitten with this new technology. I am currently renting the device for a weekly fee, but have decided to buy my own.

    Other things I have noticed in the past 9 days are an overall sense of feeling lighter, needing less caffeine/less sugar cravings, more energetic. I do 60 minutes every day and it is something I actually look forward to because I know I am going to feel good (for me it is like a combination of 1/2 cup of coffee with 10 minutes of sunshine). I just feel more hopeful and positive already. I also like that it makes me feel empowered. I can help myself to feel better simply and quickly and this device is also simple/painless and easy to use.

    I have to admit it has been quite humbling to be brought to my knees again with severe depression. It has also been very joyful to see my brain respond quickly and to feel so much better. I had been taking 300 mg of Wellbutrin for the past year and all that did was keep me from knocking over the chair.

    I hope more and more people find their way to NFB and AS, my HEROS.


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    Thanks for sharing! I have been very curious about neurofeedback

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