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      I recently started medication around 3 months ago –

      1.) 1st was Stratteraa
      2.) 2nd Adderall 15mg xr, (no severe crashes) then 20mg xr (was on a poor generic so not much effects) now 25mg xr on the better generic (my doctor wanted to try the 30 xr but I decided on the 25, in hindsight I kind of wish I went with the 30)

      I’ve been finding that the morning release has been the most consistent for me – generally works well, feel focused but calm. It’s the most consistent part of the Adderall.

      However I sometimes experience a severe crash in the afternoon-mid afternoon to early evening (a few times I got really sleepy, more than my typical slump), then I find that sometimes it starts working again? Sometimes I find that the second release is better and smoother, other times feels like nothing but the crash of not having medication – the first release is the most consistent. Not sure what to make of this! I’m guessing I’m heading in the direction of having some kind of extender later on, however I’m curious if anyone has this experience? I’m also quite tired during this period. It seems like the second dose kicks in way too late sometimes too! I thought second release XR kicks in 4-ish hours after the initial dose? Almost seems like if it does kick in for me its like 5-7 hours later. That or I’m just not feeling it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Sometimes I feel like it only lasts for 4 hours, maybe six, other times feels more like 8-10. I do utilize other things then just my Meds, however my focus being untreated is the thing that helps with the medication, and when it’s not treated I can really tell. I’m nervous that I may need a higher dose, not so nervous for myself but for judgment.

      The only side effect I’ve ever gotten was some vasoconstriction and some junk/sugar cravings during what feels like a crash sometimes.

      It almost feels like such a relief to have some symptom relief that when the second dose is so inconsistent for me it kind of sucks. I benefit more from a cup of coffee in the evenings sometimes more then the XR second release.

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      Also on the 25mg XR and experienced the same thing. My pcp prescribed a 7.5mg Adderall (not XR) to take around 3-4pm. Seems to do the trick (when I remember to take it. <eyeroll>)

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        I wrote a post about how a small amount of coffee seems to really help turn my brain online, especially in regards to EF (which I’ve never experienced by Coffee alone, ever). I am very curious if this indicates a small IR may be helpful.

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      Similar to the previous post, my doctor has me on adderall Xr in the morning and then I take a 5 mg instant release adderall around 2 pm. Sometimes it makes it hard to fall asleep, but for the most part, it works well for me. Good luck. That sounds rough.

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      Penny Williams

      Keep a journal of what you eat and drink and when, and when you take your med and how it works each day. Citric acid — found not just in citrus fruit and juice, but in soda — can inhibit Adderall from functioning properly. There could certainly be other things that affect how each day goes.

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      Hi – I’m almost 50 – and take 20 mg generic Adderall – twice a day, I believe it is NOT XR, just quick release. Once in the morning between 8-9am and then I have an reminder on my phone to take the other 20mg at 1:30pm. If I take it later than 2:30-3pm, I can’t sleep until after 11pm — So sometimes I will break the tablet in half and take that if it’s later in the day …
      — This system seems to work for me- I did try a lower dose in the afternoon but focus was down from morning. I do not drink soda, so the Citic acid comment may be something to consider if you drink soda or juice drinks.
      Also, my 11yr old ADHD/high functioning Autistic daughter is taking daily Straterra and also Cotempla 25mg in the morning. This is after about a year of trying different meds … The Cotempla really helps, and we are currently trying a lower dose for the afternoon during school. So yes, people do take 2 meds or a boost in the afternoon — just be careful about taking it too late in the day. My 2 cents.

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      So recently what I’ve realized is I need a few sips of coffee for my medication to be effective (I am being careful, but it doesn’t give me anxiety or anything). I haven’t been drinking much coffee. I used to be a very big coffee drinker, however cut back way before I started medication.

      When I take a few sips of coffee, maybe 2 hours after the medication (by that I mean I drink a little bit of coffee 2 hours or so later), I “feel” my brain turning on, in a way. Like my executive function comes “online”. It’s like that little bit of coffee helps.

      Is this something to bring up to my doctor? Aside from that it seems like this has consistently happened when I had just a few sips of coffee. I feel slightly nervous about it because of all the ” don’t drink coffee with Adderall ” information, but it seems just that little bit of coffee really helps. Any similar experiences? I don’t get any bad side effects from it.

      When I don’t have a little coffee, the XR really is hit or miss, or helps a little. (Coffee used to help me relax and feel somewhat “normal” but it never helped my EF, that’s something I never really experienced until medication).

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