After being perscribed adderall for 10 years. Today my doctor drug tested me.

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      Today I walked into my doctors office like I have been doing every 3 months for the past 10 years to get my adderall prescription. After the typical questions were asked. I was presented with a paper in which I needed to sign in order to get my prescription refilled. I was in shock. This was a release form allowing them to random drug test me so I can continue to get my script. This was the one place where I had always felt that I wasn’t being judged or questioned. Where I was understood and that what I have is real. Not anymore. I didn’t ask to have ADHD -I need my medication to function. I felt like I was in trouble. I felt ashamed. I started panicking. It was just a holiday weekend, I didn’t take my adderall for a few days. I like to be educated on everything I put into my body. Even though I function at my best when I take my medication, I also know the amount of stress it can have on my body. So during the work week I take it religiously on the weekends I sometimes choose not to take it. This doesn’t mean that I am abusing it or that I am selling it. It just means I didn’t take it. Sometimes I even forget to take it. Uhm hello I have ADHD I am very forgetful. I also work in a kitchen and drink like 7 -12 oz bottles of water a day. Also My blood pressure and pulse was high, they began to question me(my husband just called while I was walking into my appointment telling me he was in a car wreck) Now I look and feel like I am guilty for something I didn’t even do. Even though there would be no reason to fail except not having enough adderall in my system. I thought I wasn’t even going to pass my “adderall drug test”. I shouldn’t have to feel this way. I guess it went well because they give me my scoript and I left. But will I have to go through this shame again in 3 months.

      I fight this stigma of having ADHD everyday, with my friends, my family, my coworkers, strangers and now my doctor.

      I left feeling anxious (good thing I got that prescription refilled too), ashamed, and frustrated, I’m glad I didn’t start taking my CBD oil that I purchased. I would love to have an alternative to my adderall that is healthier and not as hard on my body that allows me to fully function as a ‘normal’ adult. And isn’t adderall. But until then I guess this is the new normal. And I am not happy about it.

      Has this always been a thing -Drs drug testing for people who take Adderall and I have been fortunate until now to have to go through this?? I understand for other pills but this is for a disability….

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      My first guess would be that this new testing is part of the entire health care system being in the midst of major changes. So that might help to alleviate your anxiety and fears. I suspect that it had nothing to do with you individually. My guess would be that next time you go in, you will need to do the same thing. Or maybe they are now required to do testing once a year or biannually or something. Our country is seeing a major crisis with prescription opiates being abused which then leads some to begin heroin when they can no longer get the prescription. On the other end, our country also has a meth issue and unfortunately, some of those people will try to get prescribed stimulants. And because of that, laws are being changed daily that are beginning to strictly regulate new protocols on how doctors have to follow half a dozen requirements now before they can even write a prescription. It leaves every patient feeling like a drug seeker. I even felt like one the last time I needed a prescription for an antibiotic! Antibiotics are now all over the news the last decade as the cause of super bugs so now you have to pull teeth and do testing just to get an antibiotic that you need. When before, you just simply called up your doctors nurse and she phoned in the prescription. So, I suspect that everyone that goes to your same doctor/clinic is now facing the same thing that you just had to go through.

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      I’ve had something similiar in my past too, it feels terrible. When I first graduated high school I went and got medicated (my mother didnt believe in medicating children so I’d never taken anything), and I remember being very hurt when my doctor acted suspicious and like I was an addict simply because I’d googled different ADD medications to find a good fit before hand. She thought I knew too much, I supose.

      This same doctor also kept insunuating I was annorexic because the ritalin was decreasing my appetite and I was losing one or two punds a month (I was overweight btw, not thin at all). She used to threaten cutting me off from my meds unless I agreed to come in once a month to get weighed. Mind you I was an uninsured 18 year old who had to pay $200 out of pocket every month just to get my prescription.

      Some doctors are really just…insensitive. They see the medication and forget to see the person behind it sometimes.

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      I have to do the exact same routine. At 58. It emotionally tossed me back to when I was in legal trouble and had to give urine samples at someone’s constant indiscretion. It’s horrible to your self esteem and confidence. I put on the Scarlett letter now and play the part.

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      Dr. Eric

      Unfortunately, bedside manner aside, your doctor probably isn’t the problem, doctors like this one are…

      I knew at least one of his patients.

      If stimulant medication was only given to those with a legitimate need and used as directed, we wouldn’t have any of the discussion threads about medication shortages.

      It was mathematically impossible for the doctor arrested to have seen all of the “patients” he prescribed for… it is sad that he went as long as he did before getting arrested. Unfortunately, the majority of the practices enacted to try to prevent abuse do more to make life miserable to those with a legit need.

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      Dr. Eric

      To quote the above article…. “Kuemmerle was the No. 1 prescriber of the most powerful dosage of Adderall in California last year, federal authorities said. He was the second-largest prescriber of an entire class of federally regulated drugs, including the painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone.”

      Unfortunately, someone, somewhere made a policy in response to a real obvious outlier.

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      I’ve been taking Adderall for years due to having MS: It greatly helps me with lethargy, depression, & general day-to-day functioning. Now I have to take a urine drug-test once a year, so nobody should feel singled out in this case. I live in NY, & I have to go pick-up a paper script from my Dr. MONTHLY, which is a pain in the butt. Also, NY state will not allow prescriptions for controlled substances to be filled through mail-order pharmacies which is much cheaper than brick & mortar pharmacies. I understand it’s worse for controlled substances for pain (such as Vicodin) as people can only get a SEVEN DAY SUPPLY AT ONE TIME. So just be happy you don’t live here in NY state!


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      This is crazy! I’ve never heard of a Dr. being allowed to drug test patients. What state does everyone live in, just curious?

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      As PC2300 said, this is a new initiative by not only the states but also the federal government in their quest to curb the opioid crisis. Unfortunately all of us other poor souls are caught up in it too. My Dr. doesn’t like it one bit either, BUT doctors can end-up being sanctioned or worse yet getting their medical licenses suspended if they don’t comply.

      Skypark, as I’ve said I’m in NY but am also curious about other states though I suspect this is country-wide.


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      I’ve been going to the same practice for ten years, and today I was given a form saying I had to consent to random drug testing to continue to receive my ADHD medication. I wasn’t targeted specifically. Apparently, it’s a new policy. After signing it, I sat in my car in the parking lot for a while, disillusioned. Not because I’d fail a test (I’m an unadventurous 40 year old dad with nothing to hide) but because a bit of my dignity was just stripped away. And I just can’t shake it off. Being drug monitored is humiliating. It’s inherently based on mistrust. It causes unnecessary anxiety. What if I didn’t take my meds that day? What if the test results get screwed up? My gut reaction is to stop the meds altogether and walk away. My wife is trying to talk me out of it.

      For her part, she has a point. The medication gave me the support I needed to get my life on track. I went from someone who had trouble finding work to a small business owner & employer with a family and a relatively full life. She thinks I should just accept it, but I feel like I jump through enough policy hoops for treatment. Living like I’m on some kind of criminal probation seems like a step too far.

      I feel like I can’t even talk reasonably about it with my doctor either. Questioning the practice of drug monitoring? Drug seeker! Looking for a different doctor who doesn’t require testing? Drug seeker! This is madness. I feel stigmatized by my own doctor for having a condition I was reluctant to seek treatment for in the first place. Doctors, do you even care that this is becoming the norm? Is anybody in the community speaking up for their patients?

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        Penny Williams

        Unfortunately, the liability for doctors to prescribe ADHD medications has become a much bigger problem with all the abuse of medications like Adderall. Many feel the need to test their patients to make sure they’re not selling their medications. I suspect malpractice insurance is starting to require this of the doctors they insure.

        Think about the fact that your doctor has not singled you out, they’re testing every patient taking schedule II medications they prescribe. This isn’t a reflection on you, just the reality of these medications right now.

        ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Welcome to the Club. Put the Scarlett letter on and where it with pride. I’m 58 and having been in trouble with the Law and having to give urine tests daily than whenever and wherever they felt like busting your chops. The humiliation came flooding back. However the option of not getting my meds for me was not an option. Its been 15 yrs. Since my last arrest. 15yrs. Since I started my med’s. The Law has zero emotions tolerance or education to actually help your psychiatric disorder. By sheer chance I was at wit’s end and ran into a Dr. That got me the med’s I needed. Otherwise I would have gone back to self medicating to stop my brain from winning the battle and would have been in jail. Decade’s of my life wasted having your and Alcoholic and Drug addict shoved down my throat. Painful. Once I was treated correctly. I stopped almost instantly. The need to abuse myself to stop my mind was turned off like a switch. But the stigma will always be there. So jump through the hoop’s and say thank you please may I have another. But I feel your frustration humiliation and emotional pain. And drug tests come back false positive all the time. I learned this horrible truth as my probation got extended. So along with the other probis. We learned how to beat them. Mental Disorders are a life long daily struggle. God Speed my brother

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      Folks you are not, repeat not, being accused of anything nefarious, it’s the whole opioid crisis gone ape! it’s a huge invasion of everyone’s privacy. I had to do it when I started ritalin and I worry only about how much that drug screen cost. I haven’t seen the bill yet. That will have a lot to do how salty I get about it.

      Admittedly I wasn’t thrilled about sharing my ADD journey with my employer but because of my job duties I handle ritalin for students so I had to fess up to protect myself in case of a discrepancy.

      I don’t like it when doctors get suspicious because patients may have done some research. I wind up telling everyone I contact in health care, “I am an RN, I don’t know everything, but I will insist on being treated like a professional.”

      Also remember our providors are being run ragged and having to struggle with the computers and more rules and foolish expectations than we can imagine!

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      Gosh … I am so thankful to have found this thread. My ADD diagnosis goes back almost 25 years and is well documented by both neuropsychologist and neuropsychiatrist at a highly regarded institution. After several years of success with Vyvanse, I was forced to switch to Adderall about 5 years ago when Vyvanse was removed from my insurance carrier’s formulary.

      I’ve been seeing my PCP twice yearly for 10+ years, getting 90-day prescriptions alternating with pickup of paper Rx every 6 months. When asked to sign a “controlled substance agreement” in February, I was happy to do so, working in healthcare myself, fully understanding the reasoning behind it and knowing full well my Adderall usage was legitimate and anything but abusive.

      Enter new physician to the practice as my PCP begins preparation for retirement. In between 6-month appointments, I call for a refill, just as I have done for years. I present to the office to retrieve and sign for my Rx, and boom – receptionist asks if I can provide a urine sample. There was no explanation of why, and knowing I had nothing to hide, I complied.
      Returning back to the front desk, I’m handed my Rx not for the usual 90-day supply but only 30 and a note saying I will need evaluation at a psychology office for ADHD verification for further refills. WHAT?!

      What has happened to continuity of care? Has this individual not reviewed 25+ years of medical records? I logged in to my electronic record, and see a list of various diagnoses over the years – most resolved – and the most important one missing! I started to email my PCP through the electronic system but was halted by the character count limitations and decided instead to take a few days to ponder the situation, all the while trying so hard to NOT feel insulted.

      When I returned to my electronic record the following week, surprise – ADHD was again listed as my #1 diagnosis! How that happened is still unclear. I did write an email I thought was going to my PCP, only to have it intercepted by “new” doctor who was covering and admitting she “found” my paper records. She also claimed the urine screen was now a “requirement” for anyone on a controlled substance. Finally, I noted the results of not one but TWO urine tests were posted to my record. My amphetamine level was “appropriate,” and I was negative for all the other substances that her $600 testing checked for. Before I could contest the charge, my insurance company paid their $200 portion, leaving me with a $400 invoice.

      I have re-reviewed my “controlled substance agreement” multiple times and can find no mention of this testing being mandatory, only that my physician or designee “may order me to be tested.” That document also does not state I agree to PAY for this test, nor was I asked to sign a consent for payment at the time. This is reminiscent of the recent hepatitis testing that was “mandated” … but nobody in Pennsylvania decided who was responsible to pay for the test.

      I contacted my MD’s office and moved my next scheduled appointment with my regular PCP to the next available. To be continued … thanks for letting me rant.

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      I have been subjected to the urine test for the past year, and can certainly relate to the shame/humiliation. My new doctor (my prior PCP retired) requires it monthly. Initially, this struck fear in me because I do not enjoy being a slave to any kind of drug–this would mean I would be REQUIRED to take it whether I felt it necessary or not. This past visit, my doctor informed me that there was no trace of Adderall in my urine. What?? I take it daily, and I had taken it that day, just 30 minutes prior to my appointment, along with every other day that week (although admittedly I don’t take the full dose most days because I prefer to keep some on reserve in the off chance that I forget to go to the pharmacy in time–or if I happen to be traveling out of state). Additionally, I choose to reserve the full dosage on days where I feel I explicitly need it (i.e. work days). As everyone is well aware, the body builds up a tolerance over time and I intend to avoid this from happening to some degree if possible (God forbid I ask for a higher dose should the current dose become ineffective–then I would most certainly be labeled a drug-seeker. No thank you!). Because I knew I had taken the Adderall, and feeling rather humiliated and upset that my doctor had, in so many words, accused me of lying (which would imply that I was what, selling it on the street???) I mentioned that I had been monitoring my blood pressure for the past year, and that since my blood pressure was elevated, couldn’t this be a result of taking Adderall? Her response was to write me a prescription for blood pressure medication, and send me off with another referral to a behavioral health center. I am humiliated and upset. I have been taking Adderall (originally Vyvanse until my insurance provider changed) for the past 7 years. It has helped me tremendously in my work and daily life, and I am now being forced off of it without so much as an explanation. I have never abused it or taken more than my prescribed dose, and I feel that I am alone in this. I do not want to return to the doctor who accused me of not taking my medication, but I fear that changing providers will cause me even more issues/jumping through hoops–simply because I want to continue taking the medication that has helped me for years. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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      Hey all

      New here. Been taking Adderall probably for 8 years. I went to do my 6 month checkup for other stuff and my bloodwork required me to test for the adderal.

      This doctor started me on them but did not feel comfortable anymore with the dosage so I see someone else. This doctor is my main physician.

      Anyway, he asked me why i didn’t fill the request for the test.

      I told him I don’t have insurance and I have no problem testing for this but you guys need to pick up the tab,i told him I’d test right now. He hasn’t asked me since.

      I understand why they ask. Adderall sells for a minimum of 10 bucks a piece on the street and the last time i looked Adderall was the most abused drug on Wallstreet.

      People have asked me for some before,i wouldn’t give it up because that would make me short,I need this drug to function.

      As I have gotten better with my executive functions I realize thats alot of money to give up along with a short stay in jail. Dosen’t seem worth the trade if i got caught or something bad happened to the person i was giving it to.

      I try to pick my fights today and avoid most. I am no perfect ADHD patient, this topic seemed to hit a nerve so i wanted to chime in.


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      The first time I got tested surprised me. I was handed a cup and asked for a urine sample. No explanation as of why. Then while the nurse was taking my vitals, I asked if the sample was for a drug test to make sure I was taking my methylphenidate (concerta) and not selling it… which she replied yes.

      Honestly, the testing doesn’t bother me. I have ADD. My brain processes things differently. Its part of who I am and my personality. It is not an embarrassment.

      HOWEVER, I just got tested for the second time a few weeks ago and I just got a bill for $384.98 for “Laboratory” from our local health system. This is after my insurance covered $118.02. So a total of $503… so I called and verified…this was for the drug test. So I am being charged $385 to prove I am taking my medicine.


      I will be contacting my physician office to update my medical file as I will be discontinuing the use of my mediation.

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      After my Doctor left the practice, he was kind enough to find another doctor for me who would continue writing the Adderall prescription which I had been getting for the last almost 15 years, every month religiously. I’ve never abused it or taken in anyway aside from exactly as the directions state. After moving over to he new physician two years ago, about 6 months in was informed that I have to consent to a urine drug test at each appointment as a condition of obtaining the same script I have gotten for well over a decade. I reluctantly agreed despite the fact that I have never abused this medication, have no history what so ever of drug addiction, or issues with the law of any kind or anything at all’s that would indicate the even slightest need for reoccurring drug testing. (Not to mention the fact that, like most people now adays, I have a high deductible insurance plan so, with this urine test, I was paying in total about $180 each time I went in and then filled my script. ($65 for appointment, $85 for urinalysis drug testing, $30 script) Now, at my most recent appointment, I was informed that due to the fact that they have too many patients with controlled substance script, they would not be writing my script any longer and told me that I would need to go else where, & referred me to a mental health facility who they stated may write my script from now on. WHAT????? First off I have absolutely zero history of mental health issues, secondly, how can they just tell you that they are not going to do it anymore, after repeated drug tests over a number of years, never an issue, and now all of a sudden they are just going to dump you off to figure it out on your own?!? How can they do this? Has anyone else experience something similar??

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      I give up! I posted on July 1st about this issue, but now I’m really pissed! I took their stupid test, & because I smoke pot (which I never hid from my Dr.) they won’t prescribe Adderall anymore. They said I needed to choose between one or the other! I’m 63 years old (an aging hippie!), worked in the Social Work field all my life after college, & I’m being treated like a criminal. I’m getting off the Adderall because I refuse to be treated like this. PASS ME THAT JOINT, PLEASE.

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      Pandora Xob

      ADHD is a mental health diagnosis. It’s a mental disorder, in the DSM-5 like autism and insomnia. And from what I’ve read from industry information, urine drug testing isn’t legally required, guidelines are guidelines, not laws, the doctor just finds it easier fobbing patients off by telling them that it’s a requirement, when technically it’s not.

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        Dr. Eric

        At the end of the day, it is the doctor’s liability insurance company that turns laws and ethical guidance into policy and procedure.

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      I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories! I feel less of criminal. Well not really, I’m still frustrated. But at least I’m not alone. My next 1 year check up is on its way. I’m sure my heart will be racing and my blood pressure will be up. Not because I’m going to fail. But just the idea of it, besides, if these doctors actually knew anything about what ADHD is. Maybe they wouldn’t be treating us this way. But because of the way I’m treated..and the cycle continues with the nurse practitioner who is extremely rude interrogating me. But if that is the suffering it takes to be a somewhat functioning human. I guess it will do for now. I mean just to get here and to still allow me to be prescribed was a challenge in its self. I don’t want to cause problems and I have to go in to this gray area of having to find something else that works.

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      HI there! Can you please clarify, is your doctor giving you a urinalysis to see if you are taking your Adderall?? Are they testing to see if you are positive for amphetamine, which would be the typical result for mix-salt amphetamines’, Adderall. Or are they testing to see if you have other drugs in your system? If you’re being treated for a co-morbid disorder then you may also be taking anti-depressants or neuroleptics. Correct? Did he or she explain the reason for the urinalysis?? This doesn’t make sense. I was taught in my medical classes that a urinalysis to verify patient compliance would make sense if the patient is taking a drug such as anti-depressant or antipsychotic in order to ascertain specific safe dosage and efficacy levels. Or if it’s a court ordered type medication. But simply testing to see if a patient is taking their amphetamine (Adderall) medication is very strange to say the least.

      I’ve given myself home urinalysis recently to discern what other drugs may be in my tainted stimulant prescriptions. This isn’t out of paranoia, it’s because I know some Adderall and other simulants are being tainted with other UNDISCLOSED psychotropic drugs. In fact, some of my urinalyses results have recently shown positive results for these other drugs. The kicker is the nurse at my doctor’s office even recently told me that “many stimulants are being tainted with other drugs.” No kidding she actually told me that! I appreciated her honesty, but this issue is just wrong on so many levels!

      Anyway, I’m curious to know more about why your doctor would be giving you a urinalysis. I hope you’re able to get to the bottom of it!

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      As a newly diagnosed adult, I just figured it’s normal. I don’t mind, as I have nothing to hide. I thought it was more about testing to see if I am taking elicit/ illegal drugs- not that I was complying with taking my medication. I told her that I take it for work but won’t take it every day necessarily. It depends on my cognitive requirements for the day. If I am laying around, I won’t take it. If I need to stay focused, I will.

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        You may want to at least take one 3 hrs before you have to test so there are no issues.

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      I just wanted to chime in here. I am 34 years old. I have been in Texas most of my life. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist when I was child as having ADHD. During which I was prescribed Ritalin for. I eventually finished grade-school, and went off for my undergrad. At which I decided I didn’t need the Ritalin, and I stopped taking it. Realistically it was more like I couldn’t afford it really due to circumstances. Fast forward 8 years, I no longer have those records, both my parents have died so the people who I would ask for that Drs information are no longer alive. I am 25 at this time, and I decide that I need to be put back on the medication. In 2011, I present at a local clinic describing the situation, the MD Family Physician gives me a written test, which I barely finished, I think. And I left that day with a trail period of Strattera. Turns out that was a bust, and sent me on some pretty wild and scary thoughts. We tapered off of that onto Adderall. Which I was prescribed for about 2 years, until which I was laid off from my job and lost my insurance coverage. At the time the clinic and Physician I was getting the Adderall from was fully aware that I was self-medicating with weed/pot/marijuana — shocker right?. It literally slows my mind down enough to stop and focus on things. The Physician at the time told me this is normal, he heard it all the time.

      I am 34 now, its 2019, I am ready to get back on the medication and stick with it for a while as I have a new job, and learning new policies and procedures. I could really use the help focusing. I presented at another branch in the same Local Health Clinic System here as I was previously seen at in 2011. Apparently during this time, the records keeping has been updated/changed and at the time in 2011, my records were paper only. At any rate; I was totally honest with them about my smoking/self medicating with marijuana. I was told that regardless I would need to choose, that I can’t be on any illegal substances while on this controlled medication. I would have to sign a Controlled Substance Agreement, and consent to a urinalysis 10 panel oxy drug screen. I asked why, she said it was to see if I’m taking any other controlled substances, and to see if I’m on anything illegal. She said she would overlook the THC showing up on this test; but that in the future I would have to test clean, but positive for amphetamine that I’m being prescribed.
      I feel violated and mistrusted. I know for a fact I will pop dirty, and continue to pop dirty in the future. I am not looking forward to having to feel ashamed for seeking help to have a better quality of life. The irony of ironies is that in this contract, it specifically calls out drinking alcohol as being allowed and marijuana not being allowed. Here is yet another individual in need who will more than likely be refused his prescription because of a plant. I literally have no desire to step foot back into that place.

      Oh and also the 10 panel screen test they had me take. I can find that test on Amazon for a pack of 10, for 40 dollars. I am not certain that I will have to pay for the test yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised that my insurance will decide they are not covering it.

      I thought I was alone, but then I found this forum/thread. Thank you.

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      Has anybody been able to combat this? This just happened to me and I’m losing my mind over it. I smoke weed to help me sleep and now I can’t get adderall unless I quit. And now a doctor is trying to put me on a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant to help me sleep even though antidepressants make me feel like a zombie. This is so unfair!!!

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        It sucks dude I’m right there with you. You might have to balance priorities and give up weed for a while. 🙁

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      Explain to me what happens when people taking CBD oil for various health related reasons, test positive for THC? Are they not going to get their prescription? From something that is legally available in GAS stations all across the country?

      I tested positive after taking CBD, even if the low THC content is advertised as being close to 0% you can still test positive for taking CBD.

      Someone explain to me how this is legal to be denied a Rx because of something that is currently legal in 3 states (4?) and OTC legal with trace amounts.

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      I have been on Adderall XR for 12 years. About 7 years ago, my then doctor, whom I had been seeing every 3 months, announced that I would need to have an office visit every month in order to continue getting my prescription. I worked day shift and this would mean me having to take time off from work every month in order to get the medicine I needed, not to mention being expensive. When I asked why, he just stated that it was their new policy. Having worked in pharmacy for years and knowing about the increasing problems with prescription medication fraud and abuse, I suspected that this policy had been introduced in order to force out/reduce the number of patients on controlled drugs in the practice. I could understand the policy if my medication was for pain, or a changeable condition that warranted a possible change in prescription from month to month, but my ADHD wasn’t going anywhere, especially in a month’s time. There was no other reason to make someone who had never abused the prescription to adhere to such an expensive, unnecessary schedule of visits. I questioned the morality of this new policy and the conflict with the Hippocratic Oath (to cause no harm). The office staff did not like me questioning their policy, so I changed doctors. In the past five years, doctors in Ohio and other states have been forced into monitoring their controlled drug patients more closely in response to the increasing drug problem and I now sign an agreement stating that I can be drug tested at any visit. My new doctor only requires a visit every three months and writes three monthly prescriptions for me, each with the date to be filled written on them. He only tests me about once per year, at a random visit of his choosing. This is acceptable to me, though I do wish that it wasn’t necessary.

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      My daughter has been taking Adderall for 20 years. After completing graduate school she chose to cut her amount of medicine in half which has worked mostly okay. Obviously, since reducing the amount (about a year ago), she is not abusing them. She often skips weekends unless she has a lot of driving to do. When she went in to pick up her next 3 month prescription, the doctor had her do a drug screen . Insurance says it was medically unnecessary – which it was! Because it was unnecessary, they won’t pay the lab bill which is $250!!!! Any advice? We are in Arkansas and there is no law saying the doc should do this. BTW, she was an excellent student,(drinks very little – she is squeaky clean) and just started her first job where she is doing well. Her doc had no reasons to have any concern about her compliance. Help?

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      Dr. Eric

      One thing to think about is that doctor’s are as much concerned with underuse as they are overuse.
      If you are underusing your prescription, they are worried that you are selling what you are not taking on the streets.

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      I have recently gone back on Adderall after having not taking it for four years. My doctor requires drug tests every three months via urine in order for me to receive the script. I thought, stupidly, (and to be fair, was not explicitly told to) I shouldn’t take the prescription for the drug test and it was perfect since the drug test happened while I was on holiday from school so decided to take about a week off from using Adderall. Obviously my test came back negative which is fine. I messed up. But is it inappropriate to ask the doctor to represcribe it for me and have more frequent drug tests to prove i am taking it? Is one drug test fair? Or did I lose all potential of getting a refill?

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        I just got a call today after being tested for adderall on the 1st of March and was told that my test came back for adderall and that they will no longer be able to prescribe it to me. I told them the day I took the test that it had been about four days since I took it because my furnace broke and my daughter was diagnosed with the flu at the same time so Friday through Monday I was at home dealing with these issues and not necessarily worried about taking my medicine.
        I dont know what to do from here because I really need it to focus at work and I re-stated that I had informed the doctor of what was going on and they said there is not much they can do after there is a negative test their policy requires them to stop medication, I was wondering If anyone knows what I can do if anything I see there are a couple other people this has happened to.
        Should I try to find a new doctor? can I wait and ask again? This is the first time ive had a negative test result and Ive had to do that every 3 months for the past 3 years.
        any advice would be greatly appreciated..

    • #144312

      After 6 years of intense therapy and monthly phyc appointments and I’ve lost count on how many med changes my Dr finally admitted she has known for over a year that on top of my other diagnosis she had already added severe ADHD to my diagnosis which I’ve most likely had since I was a kid and it was left untreated. She thought it would be best to exhaust all other options before she would put me on stimulants because of my past. So I have always struggled with school because I couldn’t focus or retain most of what we were learning. I had no impulse control what so ever and never developed that little filter in your brain that tells you when you shouldn’t say something. It popped in my brain and it came out my mouth. By junior high I was constantly in trouble and if someone pissed me off and the thought popped in to my head to hit that bitch the fight was on. I started self medicating at 14. I did anything I could get my hands on. I graduated with a D- because they just wanted me gone. I tried acid at 16 and I loved it. I was happy for the the first time and actually enjoyed the world around me. My senior year I wouldn’t go to school unless I had a hit to take beforehand. Coke followed for about a year. Then me and my best friend went to a tattoo party at the neighbors and had to work 3rd shift we were introduced to meth. I knew that I would never do without it again. It stopped all the issues that I had struggled with all my life. It turned into a 23 year love affair. I sat there listening to her tell me that most people who go undiagnosed resort to abusing anything that has a stimulant affect. All I could think about was snatching her up and choking the life out of her for using me for a guinea pig because she was holding that against me. But she explained to me that with the new regulations for schedule 2 drugs she had to be cautious because they could nail her to a wall if I was to relapse and it opened her up to a malpractice suit by me and my family. The new laws give them some play with stimulants but not much. They have the choice of either writing one script for a 3 month supply or 3 individual scripts. They also are free to decide how they set up their own rules for patients as long as they drug test at least every 3 months. I only get a month supply at a time but I only go in every 10 weeks to see her and test. Now my daughter has to go in every month and test in the office and every 3 months regardless if she’s passed the test they send the sample out to a place that tests for anything that could possibly be there. If there is anything that can show up in a urine they look for the marker and then neasure the amount in her system. Every 3 months by the time they send her a bill and her script it costs her about 650.

    • #144734

      I am so thankful I found this thread, had the same experience with my doctor, it was humiliating but now I understand why they need to do the drug test.

    • #161486

      I feel for you all regarding the humiliation of having to be tested. I live in the UK and so far, there are no requirements to be drug tested prior to receiving a prescription for a controlled substance. (Here, many medications have recently been categorized as controlled substances, which has changed the way and the amount that they can be prescribed and collected.) It is unfortunate that so many doctors have become loose prescribers. Adderall has been too easy to get for many who do not actually need the medication. Young people, also, have been irresponsible in selling pills to friends at school.

      As a result, we have to jump hurdles that are not of our making, and we must fight not to feel stigmatized. Let us at least try to remind ourselves that our doctors know us and are on our side and would not want their patients to have setbacks. Plus, this is an amazing forum because there are so many like-minded and sympathetic people interacting daily. I am glad that the OP was able to share this experience and hopefully feels supported.

    • #166781

      I too have been taking medication for ADD since I was a child. I have been drug tested for 6+ years for them to see I’m actually taking it which surprises me some of y’all are just now being tested. BUT my issue is, I just went to the doctor and they tested me as usual, gave me my script and I was on my way. They call me a month later, after my script is basically out, saying they can’t provide me with the script because they found THC in my system. I’m 25, I’ve been smoking weed since 16-17ish. They are giving me another test in a month, but this was never mentioned to me in the past nor did they say anything different(that they are testing for weed too now) when I recently got tested. So now, I have exams coming up w/o vyvanse because I have to be clean before I get it again, which I’m sure won’t be until after my exams. So did the DEA change a rule or something? Cause I know for a fact 90% of the tests I’ve taken over a 8 year period were positive for THC.

    • #172161

      well, some interesting reading here. I can chime in with my 2 cents. So I’m a licensed MH Therapist, I diagnose people all the time w/ ADHD, based on their reported symptoms. After some new insight on my part, I REALIZED I HAVE ADHD ! -NOW I realized why I struggled so in school.
      So, I went to the local Dr.- I personally know the local Psychiatrist and he recommended seeing his Dr. colleague prior to his prescription for my symptoms. Although the hospital, Dr. and Psych. know my background, I was STILL treated like a child, blamed, ridiculed and talked down to. I called the Dr. out instantly on their behavior, they continued and accused me of lying to get these meds. -WHAT A MORON ! I told the Psych. that would happen, he dismissed me; AFTERWARDS, the Psych. called and corrected the Dr. and filled out the Rx for the medication. The Psych. dismissed the moronic Dr’s behavior and had the SAME attitude towards me- passive aggressively insinuating that I MIGHT BE a drug dealer/ user. These people don’t have a clue.
      Drug dealers can snap their fingers and have any quantity of any drug at their door in minutes. -w/o this bs.
      The Psych. quickly mentioned a contract, w/o explanation. I see that some see a Dr. who wants an annual UA, ok. A Monthly UA/ blood tests ? – I would go elsewhere and tell them why. IF we don’t correct it, this trash will continue. Stop going and put them out of business, it’s that simple ! MAKE SURE you use coupon companies like Good RX- they saved me literally $3K on my first RX- that’s criminal. But- Big Pharma. I guarantee they’re scamming the elderly on Medicare who don’t know any better- and honestly, they’re scamming every tax payer- again, should be illegal, but it’s not. Sickening.
      Good luck everyone, we need it !
      Many blessings.

      • #173401

        I learned the lesson long ago to never criticize or make the doctors mad. It shouldn’t be this way but there is a certain way to go about it.
        I’ve been talked down to, not believed or dismissed by Dick head doctors. You basically have to buff up their egos so to speak when dealing with ones like that.

        The number one things is never ask for anything specific.

        Tell them your symptoms and diagnosis. Try what is given. If it doesn’t work tell them and hopefully, eventually, they will put you on what you know to work. It might take weeks or months.

        Again it shouldn’t be this way but… this is America.

    • #172212

      I just had this happen. Then I got a bill for $120 for the test – which my insurance didn’t cover because it went towards my deductible. Total BS.

    • #172295

      Hi everyone,

      I’m so grateful to have found this forum. I, too, had a change in providers in the last two years, resulting in screening for illicit drugs because I’m on generic Adderall.

      I’m 59 years old. I’ve been taking 20 mg twice a day for almost seven years. My previous doc said I don’t need to take it if I don’t need it, like on weekends or when on vacation. I always take the morning dose. I occasionally don’t take the afternoon dose if I’ve gotten too busy and it’s late enough in the afternoon that I don’t want it to keep me from sleeping.

      The new doc was fine with the status quo until last July when I was asked to give a urine sample. I’m a nurse and had no problem with doing so. I’m never given the results so look in MyChart, the patient portal for EPIC electronic records system. I was tested for three pages’ worth of substances. Funny thing, it showed that amphetamines were negative/non detected. The cutoff was 500 ng/mL. I just assumed I fell below the cutoff. However, I tested positive for ephedrine/pseudoephedrine. I hadn’t taken Sudafed or any kind of OTC ephedrine found in some diet aids – nothing. I just assumed that the generic Adderall showed up that way. Nobody in the doctor’s office said anything to me ever.

      So with the pandemic situation, I had a virtual visit with this doc last week. He said he needed a drug test to check for illicit substances. I was totally on board with it. He sent in both urine and blood orders, telling me I could do either one. He then asked given the current situation with coronavirus, did I want to increase the dose. I declined because I’m managing fine with the current dose and utilizing strategies to help keep me on task.

      I did the blood draw. It came back negative/undetectable. I was floored. Now more than ever in this lockdown situation we’re in, having to do never-ending Zoom meetings from home for work, I haven’t missed a dose.

      The office sent me the results (only a handful of substances were tested for this time) and again amphetamines were negative/not detected. I just assumed I had again fallen below the cutoff. For this serum drug screen, the cutoff is 50 ng/mL. Annotated on the report was a message to discuss the results.

      I sent a message saying all the results are negative and I have an appointment already scheduled for August. The reply was I still need to schedule an appointment for discussion.

      After talking to the nurse (who is a former colleague of mine), she told me he wanted to see me because it was negative. I told her the last one was too. At any rate, I have a virtual appointment with him tomorrow. I’m terrified he’s going to refuse further refills because I’m assumed to be selling it. Why they didn’t run a confirmatory test specific to amphetamines is beyond me. I’ve not been able to find any documentation where Adderall shows up as ephedrine/pseudoephedrine as it appears to have done on the first drug test.

      If anyone can speak to these weird results, I’d be most grateful. Thanks and so glad to know you’re here.

    • #173399

      Wow. Reading all the responses I’m glad it’s not just me. I agree with those of you who say you don’t take it everyday to keep your tolerance. I don’t either. I found this post because I am supposed to take a drug test today to test specifically for adderall. What I wish to know is are they just looking for the presence of it or are they also looking at quantities? There are different types of tests. Some do only look at the presence and not the quantity.

      My doctor said if she was going to be prescribing this to me, I have to have the tests. They want to make sure they aren’t being sold. (Eyeroll)

      I think the biggest issue would be it not showing up at all. I’ve researched and it takes about 3 hrs to show up in urine. Just to be safe I am taking a dose now so that it will definitely be in my urine by the time I get to clinic.

      Having continued access to medications that are proven to work for you seems to be ever the more challenging. Last year all of my meds were stopped dead when I switched doctors and my prescriptions were refused their refills.
      I don’t like that getting your medications depends on how much of a backbone the Doctor your seeing has.

      The state of America really sucks right now. Drs across the nation are too scared to provide medicines proven to work because of those that have abused them, and the repercussions they face. Any controlled substance, from stimulants to pain killers.

      This restriction has not helped or made any kind of dent. If people are desperate enough they may seek illegal means to get treatments which can cause disastrous repercussions.

      I have watched those I love suffer needlessly because of this issue. It really isn’t the doctors fault, but the policies put in place by our government that they are required to follow or risk losing their licenses.

      I pray that one day these policies will be readdressed and improved by those parties that have the power to make serious changes.

      Until then, thousands more will suffer.

    • #173520

      I have been taking random drug screens since I started medication 7 years ago. I understand why they need the tests. But why doesn’t insurance cover it as routine to take medication?? My tests cost $322 every time I get screened and I just can’t afford it, that’s almost as much as my monthly car payment. 🙁

    • #174318

      Every three months I have to go in for a urinalysis I have to show them all the medication I’m taking … over the counter as well. Also my psychiatrist prescribed me more then my primary physician allows so she lowered it. I don’t think that’s right, so I struggle at times

    • #174639

      I’ve been taking my ADHD medication responsibly for 14 years now. I’m a 36 year old educated professional. I volunteer, I’m on the board of directors for a national non-profit, I’m respected in my industry and I’ve worked very hard to build a good and honest life for myself and to be a contributing member of my community.

      My previous doctor recently retired, so I had to transfer care. Suddenly, I find myself always worried about being perceived as an addict or criminal.

      I do not take my meds as prescribed. I never have. I don’t take them on the weekends or while on vacation. I take breaks sometimes too. Ex: 5 years ago I decided to dramatically reduced my dose for 3 months to help me quit smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette in 5 years. I knew it was going to impact my ability to focus at work. But, felt a 3-month lag in my productivity was worth saving myself from lung cancer. I’m an adult and I made a choice and took care of myself. What if I’d been asked to come in for a random test during that time?

      I’ve never abused my medication and I’ve never, even for a moment, considered selling it. Why would I sell something that I need in order to function? It seems accusatory that it’s assumed I’m selling my meds if it’s not detected in my urine. Really? I’m completely scatter-brained and socially awkward – I wouldn’t even know where to begin with selling drugs and I have like 700 other things in my life that just make the idea of that sound stupid and exhausting. I feel like it’s easier and cheaper to buy a gun than it is to pick up my prescribed medication each month.

    • #176961

      Does anyone know if a urine screen reveals the amount of and not just the presence of adderall in the urine, please. I was surprised with a urine test at my last visit and even though I told my doctor I take 30mg a day, I had only taken 5mg the the before and the day of my test. I was simply taking a mini break, but I am afraid he may think I am selling it or something if the test reveals the actual amount that is in the urine. Good lord, I don’t even drink alcohol!

    • #209119

      For a while I thought I was on the high-functioning end of the ASD spectrum. After some conversations with my girlfriend, she thinks I’m ADHD. All things considered, I think she’s right. And it explains a lot.

      I went to my doctor today to inquire about an intervention for ADHD. He explained the process of getting tested with a psychologist. That’s all good and fine. But he then informed me that he would require me to submit to regular drug testing if he prescribed me a stimulant intervention, and that means that I wouldn’t be able to use cannabis. I don’t use cannabis. I have before. I probably would if it were legal for me (It is completely legal in my state, but I am federally regulated in my careers so I cant, as you will see below). But it irked me any way. He continued to say that it was his license on the line.

      I’ve been in the military for 17-years. I am currently serving in the National Guard. On the civilian side I am a truck driver. I am federally regulated in both of my careers. I already submit to very regular drug testing. Sometimes as frequently as monthly between the military and the DOT.

      I’m not in the slightest worried about failing a drug test or coming up positive for anything I am not prescribed. That’s not the issue. The issue I am having is that I feel like I brought a legitimate concern to my doctor, and was accused of med seeking without actually being told I was med seeking. I have zero history of substance abuse, and now I’m being told that if I want the intervention for my most probable issue I have to have yet another institution drug testing me, and more than likely at my expense.

      So really what I want to know is, is this the requirement or is it his requirement? If it is the requirement is it federally mandated or state mandated (Michigan).

      Really very irritated right now.

    • #209120

      It depends on the type of test. If its a pee in a cup and test on the spot, it is simply seeing if the substance is present in any concentration significant enough to alter the color of the testing strip. If it goes to a lab they will test for quantity. though there is a cut off. that cutoff varies by the substance. They test in nanograms per milliliter (Ng/ml).

    • #212853


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