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    Had a family change in job situation and switched insurance carriers on 9/1. Old carrier had a prescription co-pay, and we got our 18-year-old son’s monthly Adderall scrip for $10/mo (for brand name).

    New insurance is Aetna, and we don’t get prescription coverage until we hit our $6,000 deductible. However, just found out today that Aetna’s price for Adderall 25 mg XR (60 pills) is $307. I can walk in off the street with NO INSURANCE AT ALL at CVS and buy the same scrip for just $77. At CostCo, it’s just $66.

    So, I thought I could just pay the discounted $77 price to get the scrip each month at CVS. Hurts a little compared to the $10/month, but … we’d cover it out of HSA and it would count toward deductible. Except Aetna is telling me THAT IF I PAY THE $77 discounted price IT WILL NOT COUNT TOWARD DEDUCTIBLE. I MUST pay $307/month for the prescription cost to count toward our deductible and out of pocket pax. So, my deductible and out of pocket max just basically increased by $1,000/year if I can’t find a workaround.

    Has anyone else run into something like this and found a solution or workaround?


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