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      Bex Ravenhill

      My partner was diagnosed with adult ADD about 5 years ago. Medication didn’t seem to work and there has been no professional help for him. I have researched extensively and try my best to understand, however I feel that he doesnt seem to want to help himself. He didnt take his medication properly and decided it didn’t work. He went to 2 sessions with a councilor and stopped going after he missed 1 appointment. He wont try making lists to help. I have tried to help with things he finds challenging such as organising, appointments, taking medication ect, however, he doesnt or forgets to include me. He lies to me alot, and I understand he does this to cover up his ‘mistakes’ but I am his partner and I find his lies hard to deal with. I just dont know what I can do to help him if he wont help himself. Can anyone advise me on how to help him to help himself.
      Thanks for listening

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      Penny Williams

      Hi Bex!

      Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do until he wants or accepts help. In fact, the more you push when he resists, the deeper he will go into that space of denial and resistance.

      Your best course in the present situation is to focus on taking care of yourself. You’re prepared when he’s ready.

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