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      I’m looking for advice from anyone with ADHD who is experienced with speech recognition software.

      I’ve just been diagnosed with ADHD at age 50. My whole life I’ve been struggling with reading and writing. I currently have a job that requires a ton of email communication. I can get so bogged down and frustrated by a single email that it kills half the day. I write, re-read, edit, re-read it to death. I end up so exhausted with headaches. I’ve always called that eye strain and blamed it on my poor vision. I think I’ve driven my eye doctor nuts trying to improve it. I’ve often thought how much I would love computer voice control where I could dictate rather than type.

      Discovering that I have ADHD gives me new hope for improvement. Now that I’ve starting taking meds, I can see it’s beginning to make a huge improvement on my verbal abilities. But I think I’m going to continue to be challenged with written communication. So I’m thinking about voice control again. I’ve tried the speech recognition features built in to Windows 10 and they are pretty lame and frustrating. Same with Google Assistant on my phone.

      It looks like Dragon dominates the market. I can’t tell if it only goes from speech to text or if it can go the other way and read text out loud? Will it work with email and function for typing in browser windows? Is it worth the price? Does it help you be productive? Are there other products I should consider instead or in addition to this? Any advice would be helpful.

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      Try speechify app , hope this helps

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      Penny Williams

      Dragon is the most popular option and does do speech to text. I’ve found the speech recognition on my iPhone to be the very best. Google docs has a voice to text option now as well.

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      I’ve used Braina for a few years.

      It is much cheaper than Dragon and quite accurate. Just like Dragon, it does much more than just speech recognition.

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