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      My name is Alex. I wanted to ask some advice to correct these two issues that have been giving me many troubles at work.

      I am at first looking for solutions other than medication since medication is difficult to get for me because of the following reasons:

      1.I live in a different country where access to psychiatric or psychological help is scarce and often leads to stigmatization.
      2. With some people abusing ADHD medication for recreational purpose, I assume access is quite limited.
      3. My last diagnosis of ADHD happened when i was 14 so i dont see any doctor prescribing 34 years old me any medication.

      Now I am not opposed to trying it if I really have to, but it would be difficult, so i was wondering if any one has any advice of other ways that have worked for them.

      These are the things that I have already tried:

      1. Meditation: Still on an off with this one, not sure if it has worked well for anyone?
      2. Good diet: had a period with a healthy diet, but has not been able to keep it due to stress. I didnt notice my memory or attention being better then, but I had much less work and had to deal with much less information so It may have been that.
      3. Better Organization: I have improved my organization quite a lot, and i no longer forget meetings or miss deadlines. The problems is that i miss other information that is harder to write down. Like i will forget what people told me on the phone a couple of weeks ago. Or i will forget that i already answered an email for a given topic.
      4. Excersises to improve blood flow to the brain and mood: I look way more buff now and my mood is more stable, but my memory is still horrible.
      5. Learn Language to improve brain functions: I am now fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. But even after memorizing all those Chinese Characters my memory is still horrible.
      6. Learn a musical Instrument to improve brain function: I tried to learn the guitar to improve my brain functioning. I can now play the guitar, but my memory is till horrible.
      7. Coffee: It works until i crash.

      I am underperforming at work quite a lot because of this issues, and i am almost sure i will get fired. I am not hopeless because i think i can get another job, but i have failed most of the jobs I have tried to do, and i feel its mostly due to this causes. As you can see from this list I have been trying very hard to solve this problem, and have even gained some habilities on the way, but nothing has worked and i am afraid of failing to be my family that depend on me.

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like you’ve tried quite a lot of the alternative treatments, expect maybe vitamins and supplements. Take a look at the natural treatments center on ADDitude for more possibilities:

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Thanks for the advice penny. Is there anyone on the forum that has used them and can tell me their experience? I don’t really tend to trust natural medication, but if there is base to it i can try it.

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