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      I know it’s normal for the dose to be increased due to tolerance after a certain period of time, but i seem to build a tolerance to each dose literally after the second or third time of taking it. This seems to be quite a rare issue. Most people report having at least a week of consistent results before they feel the meds not being as effective, but for me its literally like they completely go from working to not working. Does anyone know why this may be happening or had it happen to them? Could it just be that i simply need a much higher dose? Maybe the dose is not high enough so they’re falling short quickly? I am confused by this.

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      Dr. Eric

      How is consistent is your other non-medication support for attention? Sleep, exercise, diet, stress relief, etc.?

      Medication improves you from baseline, but if you baseline is a moving target, the response will be as well.

      i am feeling it right now.

      I get really burned out by the end of the week.
      Therefore, my meds are not as helpful on Friday as it is on Monday.

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