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      Hello, I am Antara. I am a graduate student developing dissertation on how interior design can help adults with ADHD transition from educational setting into a workplace setting. This thesis will help me develop a guideline to design interiors for a more ADHD friendly user group and guide design firms to create spaces that will enhance the cognitive ability, workplace relationships and wellbeing of self.

      I myself have siblings and friends with ADHD and I would like to design a safe environment where people are confident in taking up jobs and carrying out the designated tasks through environmental mediators. This project will be based on public interest as medical data does not apply to anyone and everyone. If you are interested in helping me in my research and design a better community, please feel free to reply on this post with your emails (so I can create an address book and reach out to you via email as soon as possible) or drop a Hi on my email

      All information would be confidential, no names shall be named. I hope to learn more from you and thank you all in advance for reading this!
      Apologies, if I have broken any guidelines.

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      I hope you get the volunteers you need.

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      well Fairplay and everything, but that’s a bit of a tall order.. I’m not even aware the environments can affect people ADHD is people that affect people like us. I can see how claustrophobic or open space could perhaps intimidate. Or even make an ADHD sufferer feel inadequate.. But I think you should focus more on the influence that other people can have on people like us because that’s the biggest player in my view just a helpful tip that’ll I say these things because environments don’t affect me whatsoever I can go anywhere sit anywhere be anywhere it’s all about how other people are and have a look at me what they say to me how they address me on how their energy makes me feel. But that’s just me more unique I don’t suppose this is healthy very much but you never know

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      Even people with a lot in common, like us ADDitude readers/contributors, have so many differences.

      For instance, I think this sounds like a project that could reveal a lot of needed information about ADHD/Environmental Design. Personally, I do have Social Anxiety as well as my ADHD, and I feel there are many, many places I don’t want to be in or go to-but for reasons of ADHD issues, not just my Social Anxiety issues.
      I abhor shopping malls-the noises, the people , the crowds, the “falseness” of it. Or I guess “artificiality” of it.
      There are tons of work environments I would never work in: one of the worst would be an office with all those cubbies
      in them, where people have to work close by each other, even though you can hear practically everything going on, and
      employee are divided only by flimsy, moveable walls. I’d go crazy. I’d shoot myself first.
      I’d love to work in an office environment that brought in natural, living things like plants, even trees, and some smallish animals and/or an aquarium. Give me a guinea pig or two in the workplace, or a bonded chinchilla couple, and I’d go to work all excited just to be able to check in with them every day at break times.
      Music would be great too. Just…who gets to decide exactly what music, right?
      If you still need volunteers, Antara, feel free to contact me at: Love to help you!

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      Thank you for sharing your experiences, if you havent filled this survey –
      Please take your time to share your opinion on it. Would mean the world to me, I hope I am able to make some difference one day!

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