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      I am a junior designer currently working on a project that aims in creating a more user-friendly and accessible method/guide to guide digital content and other designers on how to create products and services that adapt to adults who live with ADD and ADHD. I myself, have close relatives that live with these conditions and I would like to make the web a safe and more understanding environment in which everyone feels comfortable browsing and carrying out their daily task.
      This project will be based on public opinion and not medical as I believe that medical data does not apply to everyone.
      If you are interested in taking part in my research people feel free to EMAIL ME: iamafricangomoæ
      All information would confidential and will be kept anonymous.

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      I would be glad to participate. I wasn’t able to copy and paste your email address.

      Thank you.

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      Hi there.
      I’m happy to pitch in.
      I’m at

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