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      Hello, I am Antara. I am a graduate student developing dissertation on how interior design can help adults with ADHD transition from educational setting into a workplace setting. This thesis will help me develop a guideline to design interiors for a more ADHD friendly user group and guide design firms to create spaces that will enhance the cognitive ability, workplace relationships and wellbeing of self.

      I myself have siblings and friends with ADHD and I would like to design a safe environment where people are confident in taking up jobs and carrying out the designated tasks through environmental mediators. This project will be based on public interest as medical data does not apply to anyone and everyone. If you are interested in helping me in my research and design a better community, please feel fill this survey link –

      All information would be confidential, no names shall be named. I hope to learn more from you and thank you all in advance for helping me! Apologies, if I have broken any guidelines or assumed things in the research.

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