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      I wanted advice as to whether my 9 year old son sounds like he might have adhd. He has always been a very highspirited on the go kid. As a newborn he didnt really cry that much but would kind of bounce/rock and grunt non stop. He always seems tense, not anxious just like a coiledspring ready to spring. He is fairly clever, and so far is doing ok at school but his achievements have dropped a little which i suspect are attention related, but nothing to be concerned about as he is academically where he should be. He is perfectly behaved at school we are told every parents evening. But whenever we try to bring up his attention at home, just get told “oh thats just children”. But i dont think every child ends up in frustrated tears when they have to do homework. We have never as far as i know, said making miskakes are bad. If he makes them we say “thats ok you need to do that to learn” but he is so hard on himself and we dont know why. Its heartbreaking. Hes very emotional when he loses a game, makes a spelling mistake, anything and nothing we can do to reassure him helps. But the teachers dont listen. One did and watched him and finally agreed he has trouble following instructions and has managed to hide it by copying his at home, every instruction, sentance, question has to be asked to him about 5 times at least,and even when he goes to do the task (get coat. Etc) he forgets as soon as he gets up and will dissapear and come back with a toy or something. I didn’t realise tiill last summer holidays just how exhausting it is constantly rrepeating, helping, calming emotional outbursts, listening to non stop talk about one topic. I just assumed all children ate like this as he is my only child. He is a wonderful, funny, kind, awesome kid but i worry if he has adhd and i dont do anything it could affect him at school and ultimately his self esteem. I had. Trouble concentratingg at school and was called bad/lazy, so did his dad, and its horrible. But he doesnt. Have the behavioural problems, whichh peoole always say he should have to make it adhd. I just wondered does anyone have anything similar and what did you do? Thankyou, sorry for the long post!

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      It’s important to know that even good students can have ADHD. Boys and girls who behave well in the classroom can still struggle. Some of the things you’ve noted could definitely be tied to ADHD. They could also be explained by anxiety or even non-clinical issues. At this point, I’d ask yourself if this is something that is impairing him enough that you’re concerned about addressing it. If so, starting with a child therapist can be a great beginning. They can do a further assessment and figure out what to do next. If you need assistance finding one, there are some good posts here about finding a therapist.

      It’s great that you’re so attentive to him and so eager to help. Way to be awesome!

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      Penny Williams

      Only a clinician can tell you if your child has ADHD or not, through an evaluation. There is a self-test offered on this website that can help you determine if you’re potentially on the right path with ADHD:

      [Self-Test] Could My Child Have ADHD?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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