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      Looking for adults with ADHD who may have vasovagal syncope and whether or not they take stimulant medication. I was diagnosed about 11 years ago with ADHD (after oldest son was diagnosed). At that time I began taking Vyvanse and my life changed for the better. Couldn’t believe how much different it could be when I could focus and wasn’t flitting about. Then came the diagnosis of Vasovagal Syncope (fainting caused by sudden drop in blood pressure and/or decreased heart rate – it deprives your brain of oxygen) from an Electro Physiocardiologist after a tilt table test in which not only did I faint, but my heart stopped for 18 seconds. So, the doc said no more stimulant medication. Now 9 years later, I’m ready to fight for the right to take meds again. I’ve struggled, and then just sort of accepted that this is how it is, however, it’s been 9 years and maybe new information has come out – I don’t know. So, it’s a long shot that someone in the community will even know what I’m talking about, but would love to hear of any experiences with similar situations.


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      Similarly, I was only diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of this year however do suffer from Vasovagal Syncope.

      My first faint was about a year ago before I was on stimulant medication (second time was about a month or two ago)

      Interested to know if the two are related or just random occurrences we’ve just been ‘lucky’ enough to have

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      Just had a procedure and the anaesthetist suggested this. I’m literally in the recovery room right now.

      It never clicked that it could be the case.

      I got diagnosed with ADHD at 28 and I got diagnosed with vasovagal syncope and 3rd degree heart block at 13. Started Dex last year.

      I have a pacemaker installed. This makes so much sense after the anaesthetist explained the adrenaline is responsible for conduction in the Vegas nerve.

      Identical story with the tilt table test.

      I haven’t needed the pacemaker for literally 12 years out of 15 so it’s turned off now, looking to take it out.

      ADHD sure is interesting.

      Let me know if you have any questions,


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      Interesting. I started three meds for ADD a few months ago: vynase, Wellbutrin, and Quetiapene. Soon after, I started experiencing orthostatic hypotension, nearly passing out if I stood up too fast. As a result, I went off Quetiapene, because that’s listed as a common side effect, but I still experience it to a smaller degree.

      It reinforces the fact that I need a specialist, rather than relying on my GP.

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      Andrea Dantas

      Hi pals! Yes for ADHD (late diagnose now, at age 47), yes for vasovagal syncope diagnosed when I was 35, and yes for 3rd degree heart block + pacemaker implant at age 43. Lucky to find others discussing possible connections. I’ve always thought my vagus nerve was cheating me more than doctors could tell.

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