ADHD soundscape experiences

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      Hi everyone. My name’s Fran and I’m part of a research program led by Dr. Sally Augustin that’s aiming to understand more about how sound affects the everyday experiences of people with ADHD.

      I’m looking for participants for a short survey. It takes around 15 minutes to complete and involves answering a series of questions while listening to different sounds. Anyone can take part, although we’re particularly interested in responses from people who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. All answers will be anonymous – we won’t be able to determine who has provided information to us.

      I would be so grateful if anyone can spare the time to help with this and improve our understand of ADHD. Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread or via my email address (see below).

      Take the survey here:
      Additional information:

      Thank you!

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      So grateful to everyone who’s done the survey! It’ll be open for another week and a half, so anyone else is welcome to take part – the more the merrier.

      Thanks again.

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