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      Hi there! I am almost 50 & was just diagnosed with ADHD a week ago. All of my teen to adult life I have struggled with alcohol abuse & depression, but I have now been sober for five years and my depression has also been well managed in that time. I was profoundly frustrated because, despite feeling fantastic being sober & not suffering from symptoms of depression, I still couldn’t get basic housekeeping and organizational tasks done at home no matter how hard I tried. I had thought this was due to depression/alcoholism. But I’ve now attempted all sorts of strategies from my ever-growing library of books on the subject with little to no progress!

      I was due for a semi-yearly check-in with my psychiatrist & talked with him about it. He sent me for an ADHD evaluation with a neuropsychologist. I spent hours getting assessed via an in depth interview and a battery of cognitive tests. I completely expected my results to be “normal.” Or at least normal-ISH.

      Meeting with me to explain the initial results, the neuropsychologist drew a scale ranging from -4.0 to 4.0 Anything 1.8 and above indicated unlikely to have ADHD, anything -1.8 and below indicated likely to have ADHD. He asked me what I thought my score was. I answered 1.0, which seemed about right. He showed me that my score was -3.34. I was shocked and remain in shock. I meet with my psychiatrist next month to discuss the results more fully. Of course, my entire paradigm is turned upside down!

      I have been listening to books (I love Audible) and reading pages such as this one on ADHD. I feel like I’m starting to get my arms around the idea. BUT I can find NO information about this scale he showed me and I really want to know more about it. Is anyone familiar with this scoring method or scale? I’d appreciate any input. SO glad there are forums such as this one as I feel like a stranger in a strange land right now. Thanks so much!

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      Here’s a comprehensive list of ADHD rating scales, tests, and evaluation tools. Maybe you can locate this scale you’re looking for on this list:

      The Full Library of ADHD Assessments and Tests

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