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      My son wrote this poem with my help and found the courage to read it at a Board of Ed meeting. I thought it was right on the mark for ADHD:

      I want you to see the face of ADHD
      It looks no different than you or me
      Most of the time it’s so misunderstood
      We try so hard to behave the right way
      But sometimes we don’t act as we should
      We say and do things we really don’t mean
      But to everyone else, that’s not how it seems
      We get in trouble more often than we’d like
      For behaviors we can’t help but that others dislike
      I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to state what I have
      It will always be a part of who I am
      Even though many people may judge
      I will start each new day with renewed courage
      Keeping up in school just adds to our stress
      With so many behaviors we try to suppress
      Staying focused is another hard thing to do
      We have so many distractions to try to get through
      Sometimes our emotions are running so high
      It’s a whole other story to just try and get by
      If we add it all together, every day is so hard
      But we try again tomorrow even though we’ve been scarred
      So please understand it’s not easy for me
      But I am a face of ADHD

      Nicholas Calvoni

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      I like it!

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      Thank you!!!

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