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      Are you a parent with ADHD and a child under 6? Or do you have a child with ADHD and another child under 6? Do you live in the UK or Ireland? We are inviting you to take part in our study!

      Hi there, I am a PhD student at the Babylab in University College Dublin We are currently running a project that looks at the relation between factors such as sleep, family, and sensory processing on attention development in young children under 6. We are particularly interested in recruiting children whose parents and/or older sibling has a diagnosis of ADHD.

      The research project involves parents completing an online questionnaire which takes about 20 minutes. The questionnaire asks questions about child behaviour, sleep habits, sensory processing, and the family as a whole. A link to the survey can be found here:

      The study has been approved by the Ethics Committee in University College Dublin. Any data collected is anonymous. Participants can withdraw while completing the survey by closing the survey window. However, as the data is de-identified, it is not possible to withdraw once you’ve submitted your response.

      For any questions, you can DM me.

      I would like to extend an invitation for anyone in the group to complete the survey, however please do not feel that you must do so! Thank you!

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