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      My 8 1/2 year old son takes 10mg Focalin XR during school days. We usually give him a break on the weekends. He plays basketball and football. Right now we do not give him medication on game days…I guess we have never really experimented to see if it helps him focus or not. He looks so lost out there on the field/court at times and it looks like he has a difficult time understanding basic plays and positions that he is very well accustomed too. Does any parent have experience with your child on their meds while playing sports? I’m wondering if I should give my son a fast acting pill on game days to see if it will help him focus. I just dont want it to slow him down or make him sluggish out there. The only way to know for sure is to just give it to him one day during game day. I’m nervous though, I dont want him to get out there Nd completely blow it.

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      Penny Williams

      You are right, the only way to know if it will help him is to try it. Typically, an individual needs to focus and slow down a bit to think things through in all areas of life, not just in school. ADHD medication can help with so much more than academic and classroom performance.

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      i dont have a direct answer to this, just some “nice to know” facts related to this topic that you probably already know.
      one of the main things with people with hyperkinetic disorders like ADHD is that they need more stimuli then “normal” people to achieve the same level of endorphins and dopamin. that is often why people with the disorder that havent been diagnosed, or dont use medicine tend to do sports, adrenaline based hobbies or even computer gaming. these things give a lot of stimuli, and that is also why lots of people on medicine dont use medicine on days were they do these activities.

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