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      Hi, Just looking for other people’s thoughts and experiences here. My daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD (she also has Tourette’s Disorder, OCD and GAD). We are taking our time considering treatment and medications. First medication mentioned by consultant is Methylphenidate (Ritalin) which as you know is a stimulant. I’ve already posted on a separate thread about my concerns about her taking stimulant medication because of her Tourette’s and how it may worsen her tics.

      However, as I read more about various ADHD medications, I realise that the situation may be further complicated by the fact that I myself have epilepsy and so does someone else in my family (it has been well controlled by medication for years now). Some ADHD medications, including non-stimulant ones, carry an increased risk of seizure. If there is a genetic predisposition towards having seizures, I’m concerned that ADHD medication may be putting my daughter at risk here.

      Is there anyone on the forum who has been in our position? I’m kind of caught between a rock and a hard place at the minute and as far as my daughter’s concerned, she doesn’t want to start medication just yet until we have more information, which I fully support.

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      Hi, My son (6.5 years old) used to get tics from the birth and around his 4th birthday he had full seizure. We started Valporic acid. He has no other occurrence and we stopped medication after his Neurologist consultation this summer. My husband has epilepsy too and gets grand mal seizure. He is mostly under control with medication but any sort of stress can result in him having seizure. He has been complaining about the twitches and tics since then. Apparently in grade 1, he is 20th percentile in his class of 20 kids and not able to pay attention to teachers’ instructions. He has been formally diagnosed by ADD yesterday and we have got prescription for Biphentin. His neurologist is OK with him starting biphentin. With his tic situation, we are still doubtful about medicine. Also we are exploring the alternative methods e.g. Cogmed etc. My son shows some symptoms of anxiety and ODD.

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      Hi – I’m so happy that i found this thread.

      My son is 10.5 and was diagnosed with ADHD about 6 months ago.

      We think he has had it as far back as 4yrs old, based on his impulsivity and agression, and when we were about to diagnosed it (i believe) he had a horrid grand mal seizure (he was 8 at the time). This through us for a loop of course because no one has epilepsy in our families, and started us down a very difficult journey of treating epilepsy….. long story short, we were 18 months free of seizures when he was diagnosed with ADHD. We started a very low does of Ritalin and life really was beautiful until the seizures started coming back… and we had 4 this past summer, the most recent (and most terrible) was only 3 weeks ago. Through all of our new education we have learned that stimulants as you all probably know can lower the threshold in epilepstics. We are heartbroken becuase we were finally in a good, healthy, happy place and then the seizures. So now, we’ve increased the anti seizure meds and added CBD oil which i hope and pray is the miracle everyone says it is…. and just recently went back on his dose of Ritalin LA (10mgs). While behavior and life is better, we are petrified of another seizure because they have all happened in his sleep. We are trying to find a balance where life is positive and successful (managing ADHD), and he is not at risk for a seizure (which can be very very harmful). It’s basically a nightmare, but we have great drs and we trust them, and we read everything we can and are trying to find a balance. Ive been scouring the west trying to find other people who have ADHD and epilepsy…. apparently its common for kids to have both (like, 50% of epileptics have ADHD), but the meds do not work well together, they can make the othe rcondition worse. We need both conditions to be treated.

      PLease, any help, advice, experience would be so, so helpful. I am trying to keep my head up, we’re awesome parents, i am trying to stay positive but so scared every night he will have another seizure because of the Ritalin.


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