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      I’m trying to figure out if my history of making problematic verbal statements are part of my ADHD or something unrelated. Examples of my verbal problems (in order from minor to major) are; 1) I’ll be thinking of something and suddenly realize after the fact that I vocalized it, 2) I want to make a statement but what I say isn’t what I was thinking of saying, and 3) I will make a verbal statement involuntarily that is completely unconnected to what I am thinking or doing. My searches have resulted in hits for Tourette Syndrome and Tics, but their definitions don’t seem match my problems. I am a 70 yr old male who was diagnosed at 58 yr old. My doctor passed away recently so I don’t have a knowledge base I can go to. Could someone help me find an answer for this. My reason for researching this now is; I think it’s getting worse.

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      I am 46 and was recently diagnosed. I’ve had a history of the same, I think it’s the impulsive part of ADD.


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      Everyone can have random slip of the tongue moments. However there are conditions like ‘Oral dyspraxia’ which can range in severity. For you I would look up phonological semantic paraphasia link here:


      Might be worth looking at to see if you feel you fit any of the criteria, there are more sever levels where children would have needed speech therapy up to adults where it happens occasionaly.

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