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      My 8 year old son is in the beginning stages of getting diagnosed and his development specialist said he’s “borderline ADHD”. Now, I have ADHD myself so the diagnosis made sense, but the more I read up and think it over, I really feel like his issues are a sensory processing disorder (SPD) and a language processing disorder (LPD) as well and not ADHD. I’m alone in my thinking right now but firmly believe I’m correct. I know ADHD & LD together aren’t uncommon but with the overlap in symptoms I feel like the 2 get intertwined easily and a SPD and an LPD diagnosis for him just makes more sense to me. I’d like to hear other parents experiences with this. Am I just in some weird stage of denial? Or are my momma instincts onto something? Quick history to help understand my thoughts on my son; reading, spelling, writing are his issues in 2nd grade. He’s great in math, always has been. He can’t express himself at all, to the point that just having a conversation with him is hard; asking him “what’s wrong” is met with silence because he can’t find the correct words. He’s even told me that “it makes sense in my head but when I say it, it comes out wrong”. We repeat ourselves to him all the time, not that he’s just distracted and not listening (tho that causes it too sometimes) but hes actually not understanding what’s being said. Simple instructions need to be repeated (get dressed, brush your teeth, put on your shoes) over and over and he will always miss a step, usually the last one. He also has many strengths-he loves and is great at math, dancing and drawing. The attention to detail when he’s drawing and designing video game levels and characters (this is what he tends to draw the most) is mind blowing! He covers the most minute details when he draws a video game level and he’ll design 12 of them, not missing a single detail and keeping each level for the same game consistent throughout; each level has a theme, similar exits, etc. And the Minecraft world he created-insane attention to detail and there’s so much to it! He blows me away when he “designs” levels or games-he is SO ATTENTIVE, total opposite of his school persona. He’s also very situational and environmental; I don’t see behaviors that his dad and step mom see in their home when he’s in mine. He’s with them more during the school year but I feel like he’s more calm and follows my direction better, doesn’t get upset or overly emotional with me because it’s just the 2 of us. Less distractions and less stimuli compared to dads. I could go on and on but hopefully I got my thoughts across with all of this. Feed back, your stories and experiences are much appreciated!

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      Penny Williams

      What you describe could be due to executive functioning deficits, or could be something like Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD). I’ll post some helpful articles on both, but a thorough neuropsychoeducational evaluation can help you tease this apart and know what you’re working with.

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      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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