ADHD is ruining our life

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      Hello to all, I say “our” because I am a married man with 2 kids. Our situation is not that great actually. I just lost my job and we are faced being homeless, although I may have a distant friend intervene. For the past few months since I lost my job, I have completely hit a full stop. Not being able to look for a job and a apartment is difficult. All I can do is make extra cash working Lyft where I live. I know I have ADHD and autism, as well as other speech problems. I never got around to seeking treatment as I don’t have health insurance. I will start making steps to do that after I fix my situation. Our situation is like this now because of me. I can’t hold a job for a long time and I just can’t help it. What are some natural remedies to this until I get back on my feet and seek treatment? How should I start from scratch?

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      Penny Williams

      There are lots of natural treatments you can try until you can get formal diagnosis and treatment: Exercise may be the most beneficial and can be done for free.

      As for the job struggles, have you tried an employment agency? They can test what types of jobs would be a good match , offer job skills training, and help you find a job.

      Here are some strategies to finding the right job when you have ADHD:

      5 Rules for Succeeding in the Workplace When You Have ADHD

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