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      I have ADHD, and it’s severe, I’ve had problems all my life & its costed me dearly.
      I forget things all the time, I’ll give you an example. I installed a new water pump in my car
      and I for got to refill the radiator, I drove off to college (77 miles away) after a number of miles
      the engine was destroyed, and being a college student, I couldn’t begin to afford to have it fixed.
      And this was a few days after my mom was killed in a road accident.

      There have been many times I’ve had to pay locksmiths to unlock my car, because I left my
      keys in. when driving, I’m constantly missing my turns, very frustrating.

      When is was a child, I’ve had terrible learning problems in school, I was given tranquilizers, then
      I got in trouble for sleeping in class, whereas before I would get in trouble for hyperactivity, couldn’t win.
      It seems in collage, with hard work, I used hyper-focusing to get me through.

      Also, I have problems saying things first without thinking, through the years this wasn’t a big problem, but with the increased sensitivity to political correctness, it now has for me.
      Although, I have been careful the past few years at work.

      The worst indecent so far recently was at work. I worked for a large defense contractor (20years) I’m an engineer.

      I was on an a assignment in a closed room in a cube with some of my co-workers (also friends)
      and I would once in a while say funny things to them as situations come up, unknown to us, there
      was a supervisor in the next cube listening in on our conversations, so he didn’t like some of the things
      I said (which weren’t bad) & he looked me up, then turned me in to the HR department. He never came over to my cube to talk to me about it, a mater of fact, I never knew him. So, after an HR investigation, I was called in to the security area, and after signing my security debriefing forms, I was escorted out to my car. I was FIRED. I realized I just lost everything. With no health insurance & job I can’t afford my Vyvanse Rx anymore ($300/month)

      I wouldn’t wish ADHD on anyone, it is a terrible condition & curse to have.

      What recourse do I have now? I’ve put in for an appeal, but I don’t even know if they will even read it.

      Proverbs 12:10 “The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel”

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      Sometimes if you contact the company that makes your medication they will help in getting it to you sometimes for free, sometimes with a small co-payment. Until you find another job, maybe your county mental health could see you. Did you say you had been an engineer for 20 yrs? If so you must be very intelligent. I hope you can find some assistance soon.

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      Penny Williams

      If you’re in the U.S., you can find a consultation with an employment attorney and see if they think you have any recourse. So often, they can say they fired you for a different reason than ADHD and get away with it.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Amy Ricci

      I clicked on your post because I wanted a glimpse into the future of someone with severe ADHD. Man oh man! That does sound difficult. I am sorry to hear about all of the things you’ve been going through lately. But don’t give up.
      I just picked up a book called ‘Your brain is always listening’ by Dr. Amen. If you were my son/daughter I would buy you a copy hoping that it might help you reframe some of the things that have happened to you, so that you could hopefully better deal with them and be able to move forward.
      You can do it! I just know you can.

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