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      Hi everybody!

      I would like to have some tips from ADHD who are currently in university and able to survive it, or finally went through it.
      I noticed I have a hard time with critical thinking, most of the times I read a text and it seems like I don’t get the final point of it, even though I like what I’m studying and it’s something I die to know more about. Every week I have to write a critical essay starting from assigned readings, which has to relate to the readings AND the general topic of the whole course. I try to use the critical thinking model (from the Foundation for Critical Thinking) and apply it to everything I read, but it tends to confuse me even more with all those questions. So at the end I can’t find a topic for my essay, my mind tends to drift off and disengage, and I get in the procrastination pattern, until it’s really a few hours away from the deadline and I just cobble something together out of despair.
      Now, since I really like the class and the teacher – he’s been really encouraging – for me giving up is not an option…as ADHD or experts about ADHD, do you have any good tips for dealing with the problem of engaging with written text, critical thinking, and finding good topics for essays in university?
      Any help or suggestion is really welcomed 🙂

      Have an awesome Sunday!

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      Penny Williams

      A couple thoughts:

      1) Would listening to the text read aloud or reading it aloud to yourself help? Many, many books and textbooks are on now and it’s free if you have a diagnosed disability that impacts your reading and reading comprehension.

      2) What about tutoring or disability services on campus, or both? These services are offered at most universities in the US and are most often free (well, included in the cost of tuition and fees).

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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