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      Hello, I’m a documentary film producer with over 20 years of experience producing award winning films that have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and being broadcast on Netflix, PBS, National Geographic, Discovery and others. I’m currently working on a film project about ADHD. We are reaching out to families who have children with ADHD and would be like to share their stories with us. If you are interested in learning more about the film, please contact me, Olivia Ahnemann, at Below is a short synopsis about the film:

      ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed – and widely misunderstood – disorders in the world today, affecting nearly 10% of kids and a rising number of adults. But what if having an ADHD brain is actually an asset? A growing number of innovators, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Olympic athletes, and award-winning artists have recently disclosed that their ADHD, managed effectively, has played a vital role in their success.

      The documentary will take an immersive look at our approach to ADHD that debunks the most harmful myths, intimately taking viewers inside a number of families as they navigate the challenges – and the surprising triumphs – of living with ADHD.

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      I look forward to this. Too many people out there don’t get it, don’t believe it, or think it is over-diagnosed.
      You would probably get a lot out of talking to ADHD adults and their experience growing up with ADHD and perhaps their parents too.
      As a child, I wasn’t diagnosed and couldn’t communicate my issues and needs and suffered dramatically through school- at least until I got to college.

      Thanks for doing this.

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      I’m an Adult that has been trying to get diagnosed for the last 5 years ..unfortunately due to lack of funds cannot afford too I’ve tried through county resources only to have them tell me I’m fine and maybe show some signs of depression. After reading about ADD I found out that growing up there were alot of signs that were missed. Having lived with it for so long I have gotten good at dismissing my symptoms having lived by myself for the last 20 years it made it easy to hide or lock myself away when I couldnt cope with people. Growing up I guess I use to talk to much at times my parents learned to tune me out and I accepted it as ok. I has problems making friends and throughout life problems with relationships..never married and just within the past 3 years started having problems coping with my living situation and felt helpless in figuring out what to do only to end up homeless and needless to say had alot of time on my hands so I decided to try self help “you mean in not lazy,stupid or crazy. Which seemed to putting things in perspective for me. It seemed as though my parents grew very frustrated with me thinking that I only contacted them when I wanted money. And didnt appreciate that I didnt keep in contact with them as my sister did. It’s been one roller coaster after another and I’m getting tired of riding.
      So you see I think I’m add but still seaking diagnosis..there’s much more but dont know if I would be what your looking for as a participant..

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      Like many before me, I wasn’t diagnosed until college. Because ADHD shows differently in girls and boys growing up, my symptoms went unnoticed and grew up thinking I was stupid. Teachers would sympathize with me because they saw I was trying and was a “pleasure to have in class” but still received sub-par grades. Lucky enough, I excelled in extracurricular activities, which eventually led me to my current career.

      I work with the public at a science museum and try to set an example for all of those guests (kids and adults!) who might think they have limited abilities do to any diagnoses. I try to employ and help others employ a growth mindset.

      I would be interested in participating in your documentary! Thank you so much for shedding light on a topic often taken too lightly.

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        Thank you very much for replying to my post. Right now, we are looking for children with ADHD because we have found a few adults to participate already. I would welcome an opportunity to speak to parents who have children navigating childhood with ADHD. Cheers, Olivia

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      Both my husband and my 21 year old son have ADHD. Both of them are very successful in their jobs in spite of it — although they constantly struggle with some of the typical symptoms like disorganization and challenges communicating. My son was diagnosed fairly young — I believe he was 7 or 8. My husband wasn’t diagnosed until he was in his late 30’s — . They are wonderful, upstanding people that struggle with things most of us don’t even have to think about. It’s a huge challenge being married to someone with ADHD and having a child with it as well. Having ADHD is not for the faint of heart–

      Your documentary sounds wonderful. I hope it will address some of the stigma and suggest some ways that employers can be informed of ADHD and learn to step up and accommodate this growing population of people who, right now, are living in the dark — afraid to inform those around them of their difficulties. Yet they have a lot to offer.

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      My 6 yo son has just diagnosed ADHD combined.
      He was an extreme preemie born at 26 wks. He is also working with OT for SPD, and reflex integration. He will start OT & PT at school next year.
      So many other details and background in play here. I’d love to hear more about this.

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      Hello! I’ m 18 years old and was only recently diagnosed with ADHD. I grew up bouncing from school to school, and for many of my developmental years was at a school for the arts, so my ADHD wasn’t a glaring problem when it came to my academics. Only when I attended a college prep school for my final two years, did my diagnosis become obvious. Now I take Adderall, something which has not only helped me with focus but has also taken care of my impulsive eating and easily distracted proposition. I love that you’re making a documentary about such an under diagnosed and misunderstood issue. If you still need people of my age group, I would be happy to volunteer!

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      Hi my 6 yo grandson is tecently diagnosed with ADHD. He is quite a handful to say the least. Woukd love to help with documentary. Gow do we sign up?

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      Hi, yes I would love to take part, or help in any way I can. I’m a 48 year old male, who has struggled my whole life with ADHD. Problems around addiction, holding down a job and relationships, depression, anxiety, chaos and disorganisation issues. I have many gifts which I’m unable to channel, to say I’m frustrated is the understatement of the century. I do though, remain positive. 🙂

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      Hi there Olivia!

      My name is Jacques and I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed 3 times in my life but due to my parents not believing ADHD was real I was never treated or medicated. My life spiraled out of control due to impulsivity, alcoholism and drug use and like many other sufferers, eventually left school before graduation. Later in life I moved to Sweden where I married a wonderful Swedish woman and she has been my drive and motivation to get treated. Ive never understood my condition until recently and have been diagnosed once again at the age of 31 due to difficulty functioning. Ive owned 2 companies and also never been able to hold down a job as an employee. I am now medicated and undergoing therapy and I sometimes wish that this treatment had been offered to me at a young age, I think life would have made more sense and drugs and alcohol would never have been an issue of self medicating. The medication I am on along with therapy has been a light at the end of the tunnel. I am amazed with the outcome and life finally seems to be a joy. The struggle will be life long but I know that with the treatment and medication I will be able to live a somewhat “normal” life and that gives me hope for the future.

      Very interested in the project and I too would love to bring awareness to ADHD. The struggle is real!

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        Hi Jacques, Are you currently living in Sweden or in US? Thank you, Olivia

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      Hey and thanks for the response. I live in Sweden yes. I assume you would like to interview up close on camera then? Would be willing to get involved any way possible. Let me know your thoughts

      Kind regards

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      Hi Olivia,

      I’m interested in learning more about the documentary. Both my Mum and I were diagnosed with ADD. For me it was at 17, for her it was at 52. In girls, it often goes under the radar. I was the last person you’d suspect. I frequently won academic accolades and received a 50% scholarship to a prestigious private school, I was straight A student up until year 10 when the workload became overwhelming and it baffled my teachers why such an intelligent student could not submit a single assignment on time and received over 50 late slips to school in her final year. Psychologists, teachers, counsellors and my GP alike whom I had seen for an eating disorder all failed to detect it. With the aid of treatment, I’m now 21 and studying at uni. There is much more detail and background to my family and my story.

      I am truly elated a documentary is being made! I hadn’t heard of ADD until a diagnosis landed on my lap so in my opinion, raising public awareness, reducing stigmatisation/misconception and promoting early detection are just some of the good things that will come from a documentary about this common but severely misunderstood condition.
      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more.
      Kind regards,

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      Hello, my 8 year old daughter has adhd. She is like a bolt of lightning running around talking a mile a minute. She’s exhausting but loves to create things. We live in the US and would love to participate.

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      Karla Lancaster

      I just signed in and was reading some of the posts. I ran crossed your and would love to see something to help others understand kids and people are not always “just misbehaving” and “needs to be bettered disciplined”. My husband and I adopted our granddaughters because their mother could not get herself straightened you. They are the product of drugs, mental health issues on dad’s side and ignorance. One had ADHD and anxiety disorder and the other had Nuerocognitive developmental disorder with ADHD serve. At times we think she has Asperger or is Bi-Polar. I would love to talk to you.

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      I am a parent with ADHD and have 4 kids with ADHD. I still have two children at home, my son 16 years old, diagnosed and medicated at age 2. I have a daughter age 8 years old, diagnosed at age 6 and on medication. I also have two son’s that are adults now that are ADHD and diagnosed at age 5 years. My oldest son is 28 years old and the other one is 25. I have dealt with ADHD children, medication, counselling, school system, for the past 23 years. I must say that it hasn’t been easy but knowing what I went through as a child growing up, wasn’t going to let that happen to my kids.

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      I’m a parent who has never been diagnosed but most definitely tick all the boxes, and so do my two boys.. One of whom, by the way, is now in prison, and if his issues had been addressed, he wouldn’t be in pri son.

      I wonder how many people that applies to!

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      Hi ,It sounded like your looking for kids.. I have had ADHD since then but way older now:) I am a music composer Maybe we can talk about the music for your documentary. Email me if you would like at would possibly be willing to work for credit to help out on what probably is a tight budget

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