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      I’m based in South East England and am looking For a recommendation of a good counsellor who gets ADHD and all the bits that come with it.

      I need someone I can talk to listen to help understand where my negative and self blame comes from, my anger and frustration

      But I need them to understand ADHD as otherwise they aren’t going to get me

      Any recommendations appreciated in London or Kent

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      Hi James,
      There are counsellors around, in the UK, with understanding of ADHD and experience helping us, many working via video-call or phone.

      I’m currently just starting to work with a counsellor from ADHD Foundation, over Zoom.
      Booked 4 sessions, to explore “are my emotional episodes and relationship challenges actually due to my adhd or is it something else?” (I was only diagnosed relatively recently.)

      Session 1 was a good start, I felt heard and understood.
      The lady assigned to me has close family experience of ADHD inc adult ADHD, as well as plenty of psychotherapeutic counselling experience.

      I’m paying, but the cost is reasonable, as it is a non-profit. And there is a clear expectation that people don’t stay in counselling for long periods; intention to avoid dependency.

      You can also self-refer to your local NHS talking therapies service. You can also ask your GP to refer you for assessment, if you don’t have a diagnosis.
      (Check out NHS Right To Choose… offer assessment, and then treatment options (either/or for talk-therapy or drug-therapy, which is a shame as they can work well together, but a good start whichever you try first!))

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