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      I’m a fresh chemistry graduate (UK) (diagnosed in late May and graduated in July). I’ve not been able to pursue the career I want in industry due to the many symptoms making my Master’s and therefore a similar career essentially impossible. I’ve been trying to ‘wait out’ the medication trial by hoping I find something that reduces my brain fog, speeds up my thinking and fixes memory/attentiveness in the hopes that I can then start applying for jobs I want. However the medication trial is taking a LONG time (Delmosart/methylphenidate 56 mg extended release had no effect) and I’m sat living with my parents while my limited finances slowly starts to dwindle away. It can take upwards of 3-4 weeks between visits to see the prescribing team and meanwhile it feels like my whole life in in limbo trying to get this sorted out. I had a bad experience as a bartender a few years back (inattentiveness and poor memory did not mix well with a busy customer service role) and I’m therefore desperately trying to avoid starting another job like that again in the meantime, although it feels like I might not have much more choice if this carries on. Does anybody have any similar experience/advice/thoughts on the medication scenario. I understand these things take time but to have only tried 1 medication in 5 months is very disheartening while my career is taking a heavy hit.


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      Penny Williams

      Can you look for a different physician to manage your ADHD medication? Someone who is willing to make adjustments when needed instead of waiting long periods of time?

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