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      I am wanting to know if there are any books written by someone that is ADHD and how it is, living with it. Dealing with others ect…

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      Few great ones I have read bits and parts (ADHD so hard time reading a lot at once lol unless I’m on a spin bike and can move my legs haha—-but ALL these books take the pressure of amd suggest to only to bits and pieces and I’ve had some for a year and refer to all the time):
      “You’re life can be better” by a doc with ADHD and his “list of 3” technique is the beat being that I get stuck on indecision . He says to look at your list Nd then pick three small one steps things on an index card and do all those first then as you do one, then add one. I also just realized (after losing my phone for so so long -typical) that index cards are great no nigebooks I can’t take out the pages. I get bright colored cards 5 by 7 amd have a box to file —great no them I can decide the theme of gh later and just move versus rip out pages.
      Gift of adult ADHD: covers everything from interpersonal connections to crwfiavith and helps you reframe in a unique way via interview with ceos and innovators with ADHD. The activities (I love interactive books) are so unique. One of them has you lost all your random google searches then see f theme and another I just did has you write out a question you’ve been stuck on like the next step of. Project or what ever ..THEN has u confront some sosort of junk drawer and just go through it. Then you kind of note what is in there Nd just have a brainstorming session about it and then see if my answer lies in there via using creativity! It’s amaOng bc I get the most random inspiration from the oddest things always been an outside box thinker and my AI programming and math career is perfect no yhats whya it takes!
      Third: you mean I’m not lazy stupid or crazy
      My friend just bought me this. Amazing. I’m a recovering alcoholic at 27, bad binge drinker and been sober a year now, and I live this book bc ut actually has. Chapter on the 12 steps in regra to AA !!? Bc they are Great for any life issue where you need to restore balance and goan. Perspective !!
      Beat don luck!

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        Rebel90 Good for you!!!!! Keep up the good work. Alcohol is not the answer, it only makes things worse and gets you in trouble. Can you tell I am a mother of 4 children? Well my oldest two are adults 27 and 24. I still have a 15 and 7 year old still at home. We all are ADHD and it has been a journey. Thank you

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      Latin teacher

      YOu have undoubtedly checked Amazon for books and have a library similar to mine about the subject. I agree that someone who has ADHD/ADD can explain things from a personal perspective.

      Dr. Oren Mason, a doctor and ADHD specialist in Grand Rapids, MI, has written Reaching For A New Potential: A Life Guide for Adults with ADD From a Fellow Traveler. (2009) The beginning is about different medications, but the rest of the book is even more valuable with practical advice.

      ADDITUDE magazine, in paper as well as available in individual articles sent to your email, is excellent. Articles are regularly written by people who have ADHD/ADD. Topics are written for children, teens, adults, and teachers.

      One final suggestion if you are searching for something to learn about emotional/social skill building: The Art of Empathy by Karla McLaren (2013) is scholarly and deep. Reading sections over a period of time and practicing skills in interactions with others is recommended. She explains positive and negative emotions are “gifts” and explains how to act on those emotions properly. She shares, from the experience of being ADHD herself, strategies for choosing the right spouse, keeping close friends, raising your children, and getting through the minefield on the job with boss and coworkers. Excellent. It’s new, and she maintains a blog where she regularly updates her research and theory.

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      Penny Williams

      “Driven to Distraction,” “The Queen of Distraction,” “ADDiva,” to name a few. There are a few more in this list:

      Turn the Page: 10 Great Books About ADHD

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      ANYTHING by Edward M. Hallowell. He’s brilliant.

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      Thank you all for your comments and yes I have a library of ADHD books 14. I have studied ADHD, tourette syndrome for the past 22 years. I have been told by several counselors and a few doctors that I know more about it then they do. My answer to them was, “how can I help my child, if I don’t know about what is wrong with them.” I was diagnosed soon after my oldest son, he is 27 years old now, he was 5. Since then I have 3 more children 24, 15, and my only daughter 7 years old. What are the odds that all of them have ADHD. Well all 4 of them and myself. It has been a journey and never a dull moment in my household. It was been a joke over the years with family, parents and teachers that I need to write a book. I am seriously considering it.

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        I have long been acquainted with this author from his books.

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