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      Good morning! I have a strange issue that no one around me can relate to.

      I was diagnosed with ADHD in graduate school, about 15 years ago. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with depression, then anxiety (big surprise, right?). I spent many years working through all of my… issues… you know, the kind that come from being diagnosed as an adult? A few years ago, I found a life coach that helped me work past a lot of my stuff and I’ve since stopped taking meds for any of my diagnoses. I even manage my ADHD without meds.

      Fast forward to this August. I’m a HS teacher and as soon as school started this year, my vision failed drastically. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (which isn’t too surprising as it runs in the family). So I’ve started on the journey of understanding this new complication. I have started noticing that my blood sugar spikes sharply at certain times. For example, I can eat the exact same thing and yet my blood sugar will be 30-40 points higher during the week and then will drop those points during the weekend. I think my stress levels are affecting my blood sugar, which is apparently a common thing among people with diabetes.

      So, my question, for any of you who might possibly have gone through this same thing, is if I should try going back onto my ADHD/Anxiety meds. Will those medications help my stress levels to the point of lowering my blood sugar? Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice would be great – I feel like I’m in a situation that no one person is experienced in.

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