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      Hello all! I’m a 28 year old male living in the Pacific Northwest.

      I was diagnosed with ADHD last year.

      I have always had issues at work when it comes to completing paperwork or cleaning up after I work on something. I get comfortable and don’t want to start an other project, so I’ll procrastinate because I don’t want to fail at it, or miss something and get in trouble. I’ve worked my way up to where I’m at because I’m a really good problem solver and I love to fix things. I work in IT so everyday is a new challenge. I’m now supervising three employees but I’m having a hard time delegating things to them, and they see me as more of a friend. I’m younger than all the people I supervise and that can make things interesting too. My job is pretty paperwork heavy (for security reasons), and my boss doesn’t always clearly communicate what she wants. So a lot of the time when I do complete things shes not happy with the way I did it or has to make a bunch of changes. Also, one time it could be fine, and the next time I do it, she says it’s all wrong. Because of this 50/50 reaction that is unpredictable I don’t even want to the paperwork or certifications that I’m supposed to do out of fear of rejection/getting fired. It’s also really frustrating because she manipulates and lies a lot to get what she wants out of her employees. She also doesn’t understand a lot of the technological things she’s in charge of. It’s hard for me to respect her as well knowing this.

      I guess I also have a really hard time prioritizing. You can tell this post was written by someone with ADHD…

      What can I do to keep organized and finish things like paperwork on time? Also do you think this is more the ADHD causing an issue, or my manager not being a good boss?

      Thank you in advance….


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