ADHD and sexuality

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      This isn’t really an advice thing so much as personal interest and I haven’t been able to find any info online regarding this. I am not aiming to cause any offence and I truly hope this wouldn’t upset anyone but if it does then I will delete.
      I am a lesbian diagnosed with adhd, and in my purely anecdotal experience I have found that it seems a relatively common diagnosis in lesbians compared to heterosexual women (not sure about other sexualities). I’m wondering if this is just my experience as you’re of course more likely to associate with people that are similar to yourself, or if there is something in the idea that it is more common in lesbians. What do you thing community?

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      Conversely all the girls I know with ADHD are straight.

      Don’t forget ADHD can go unnoticed in girls at school and many get diagnosed later when other symptoms like depression cause problems.

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      I’d suggest seeking out some of the work by Ari Tuckman. He’s been on several podcasts and was also recently on HowToADHD. You can learn more about him here: Ari Tuckman’s Website

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      This is sort of related… my child is on the autism spectrum and we have tons of friends in this community. ADHD is always a comorbidity of autism, but I’ve noticed a disproportionate number of our friends with kids on the spectrum identify as either lesbian or genderqueer. My daughter feels she is bi so we have all spoken openly about it. We think it may just be that because many of us aren’t cis and are neurodiverse ourselves (I have ADHD) that our kids just don’t have the hang-ups and stigmas placed on them to conform that previous generations have had and can be more confident expressing who they are. It’s pretty awesome actually and it makes my heart happy.

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      Just speaking for my own experience as a life long ADHD woman. I have been married for 15 years and had many long relationships with only men – that being said, I could care less what I look like – rarely take a brush to my hair – dont wear makeup and generally seem “asexual” probably alot as I have never put much stock into anything “sexual in nature”. I dont mind having sex – like it here and there – but seriously dont ever think about it hardly. I probably would be just fine without it – but it makes my husband feel loved and appreciated and thats reason enough for me to engage. Maybe this is what your referring too?

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        I’m not sure what you mean? I was referring to adhd seeming to be more common among lesbians that I know than in straight women. So not really referring to women that exclusively have long term relationships with men. Overall from what people are saying here though it seems there isn’t necessarily any correlation so perhaps it’s just a case of me choosing to be around people I can relate to.

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      In this study, more than 60% of female and 33% of male patients reported a nonexclusive heterosexual orientation defined as having an average Kinsey score greater than zero. Study linked here.

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