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      I’ve diagnosed with an ADHD with a learning disorder.
      Once I tried RITALIN LA 40MG, its increased my focus by far, my ability to learn, and i felt like an highly gifted one with this medicine.
      The negative side was OCD increase.
      Its increased my OCD after a few days of using, so i cant focus anything but my obsession toughts.
      It was bad negative side and i felt it so hard.
      It kept going on even after i stopped taking the Ritalin. When i stopped taking the Ritalin, the OCD weakened a little every day.

      Stimulants makes me OCD (or my OCD worsen).

      I’m trying Strattera 80MG for a 3 weeks.
      I’m feeling more attention sometimes (not at all), happy, and its even decreasing my ocd, but I feel such a dumb.
      Its just making my thinking less sharp, I can listen to people, but ONLY listen without thinking about the things that they say.
      My hope is that’s a side effect that wont be.

      What should i do to treat my ADHD correctly?
      I just cant learn with that disorder, and i need to..

      Thank you all!

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      Penny Williams

      Most doctors want to get the anxiety disorder (OCD) well treated before treating the ADHD. I think there are many people who take stimulants successfully with OCD, but getting there is a challenge.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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        Thanks for the reply.

        I’m wondering if it’ll be ok to start an OCD medication for the stimulants.

        As i said, the ocd stayed even after stopping with
        the Ritalin (and his effect).
        Maybe it was close to psychosis.
        It was an existential ocd.
        I dont want to start a permanent treat for the OCD (I’m afraid of permanent brain change for negative because of the stimulants.)
        I know that this is a question for a psychiatrist
        but its not that easy for me to trust, even a psychiatrist, And I’m asking for your opinion.

        I must say that i felt an OCD (close to anxiety) and mood disorder. But its self diagnosed, and i lived with that.


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      James Robert

      heyyyy dear! sad to hear about your suffering. But you can overcome this and it is not that much difficult. You can use Adderall if your doctor advises you. Well, I suggest that you should consult an expert in order to treat it properly.

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      I agree with James, Adderall helped as well.

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