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      Penny Williams

      This discussion was originally started by user Sarafina Rule in ADDitude’s now-retired community. The ADDitude editors have included it here to encourage more discussion.


      Hi I’m Sarafina Rule and I’m 14 years old and I’m suffering from ADHD and depression. I don’t understand what I feel sometimes because sometimes I’m feeling high spirited and other times I just go down to a zero happiness level and turn majorly depressed.

      Every little sad thing seems to be an over exaggerated feeling for me and it’s really hard to cope. Like lately I’ve been going through crying myself to sleep for a while just because of a few things going on in school and with my friends.

      I haven’t told anyone from school about my ADHD problem so they all just find me weird when I’m really hyped up and when I’m crying for “no reason.” I feel a bit like I’m misunderstood a lot because I don’t intend to be the way I am. Only my best friend knows about it and she tries to help me sometimes but I hurt her feelings sometimes when I just lash out my anger for no reason. I’m scared that some day i might go too far and she will want nothing to do with me.

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      Kevin Ju

      This reply was originally posted by user John Tucker, PhD, ACG. ADHD Coach in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      Hi Sarafina,

      Your family doctor, or someone your doctor will refer you to, can help you with this. You are very wise to start getting advice soon because you can get better and you will not have to lose that wonderful best friend.


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      Kevin Ju

      This reply was originally posted by user adhdmomma in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      Can you talk to your parents about this? You definitely need to get treatment so things can improve for you. You don’t have to suffer.

      Good luck!

      Moderator, Author on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen boy with ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Kevin Ju

      This reply was originally posted by user Sarafina Rule in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      The problem is parents don’t really understand. I tried telling my dad and he thought it was me just joking around and when i told him i was being serious it, he didn’t know what to do about it because we just moved to Kenya, a country in Africa with not many resources, and my mum lives in Australia so she cant do anything. Thanks for the suggestion though, maybe I should try again.

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      Kevin Ju

      This reply was originally posted by user MoonlightDragonfly in ADDitude’s now-retired community.

      Hi Sarafina

      I remember all too well what it felt like to have ADHD and be a teenager. I would cry at some moments and then be really happy and exuberant at other times. I often felt misunderstood and, at times, angry.
      To be frank, some of what your going through may be related to hormones. Our bodies go through alot of changes in our teenage years. Ironically, I am struggling with hormones now as I head into menopause (I’m 45 years old). It is a frustrating process.
      My biggest piece of advice is to take a deep breath and take your day one hour at a time, heck sometimes even one breath at a time. Life can be really overwhelming and when we let our thoughts and feelings run rampant (as we ADHD folks are so prone to do) we can lose perspective. At night, it can help to tell yourself that you will address an issue in the morning and redirect yourself to focusing on just breathing and resting in the current moment.
      With regards to your best friend, she’s been loyal to you so far and that is a great blessing. Make sure to tell her how much you appreciate her kindness, compassion, and support. If you get angry, apologize. If you’ve gotten angry and regret it, think about what you can do next time to handle things more appropriately.
      Most of all, be gentle and kind to yourself. I think it is great that you are here and reaching out for support and advice. You are wise to do so.

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