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      This is probably more of a vent than anything. My son is a junior in high school and is currently doing virtual learning due to COVID. He had the option of going in person, but I have an autoimmune disorder and take immunosuppressant medications, so the fear of COVID complications caused us to choose the virtual route this semester. His school is using a platform called Edgenuity for virtual learning. I think it is used for credit recovery in other school districts around the country. Edgenuity is a completely self-paced platform. He has no teachers, just watches videos, reads passages of information, completes activities and tests. He is supposed to organize his time and complete at least 7% of the curriculum for each class each week. Although he usually has 8 classes that cover a whole school year, the school decided to reduce the classes to 4, but they must be completed in one semester. He’ll have 4 different classes after Christmas break. So less classes to focus on, but accelerated timeline for completion. He is diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. He also recently started treatment for depression. So you can imagine how well school is going this year. Although he had a 3.2 GPA going into his junior year, he’s on track to fail all 4 classes (and definitely is unlikely to complete any of them by December-the highest percentage of completion for any one class is US History at 20%. He’s supposed to have completed 42% at this point) I asked the school to add reduced workload to his 504 Plan, but they claimed that having fewer classes is a reduced workload. I’m not so sure I agree. I think the benefits of having fewer classes are negated by the accelerated timeline. So, I’m not sure how to build more structure into the home environment to give him even a shot at passing and completing these classes by December. And honestly, it’s hard to know exactly how much time and effort he’s really putting into school right now. I’m also working from home, so I can’t watch him every minute, and the principal said (when we had the 504 meeting) that on his log, although he was signed in, there were long periods of inactivity. So is he surfing the net, or chatting with friends while on his Chromebook? Maybe. He’s definitely very disengaged from school right now. The school makes no contact with him. He has to contact an advisor if he gets locked out of an activity. He can request a teacher from his school contact him if he needs additional help with the material he’s supposed to be learning, but it’s all on him to initiate contact (and that has always been an issue for him – not wanting to ask for help). The school flat out did not answer me when I asked what would happen if he failed or didn’t complete the courses by December. I guess he’ll have to do summer school. Anyone in the same boat, want to vent, or have suggestions?

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      I know what you are going through. I have the exact same with my 13 year old. Nothing works at getting him motivated to get caught up nor does he care about it. I have so much Stress it is becoming unbearable. 504 plan with my Son’s school doesn’t help, either. They have given me a lot of trouble over it and I feel it exists only to make us happy that it does. Last year we had trouble with his teachers following it and this year with remote learning, none of the teachers reach out. Some don’t even reply to email sent to them. I feel the school abandoned remote learners. I have no idea where to go from here. He both sees a psychiatrist and therapist and I feel like he just doesn’t care to help himself after everyone does.

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      Edgenuity’s online courses and learning solutions are built with instructional supports to meet the needs of all students, including those with special educational. At first it was not easy for us, but along the way and creating a habit my son was able to adjust. Hope you are too!

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