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      I´m a 35 YO female diagnosed about 4 years ago. I´ve been medicated all these years and it has been working really fine. A year and a half ago I lose my job but I found a new one a few months later. This new job, although I like it, is in another town 4 hours away. I´ve been here for almost a year and it´s getting harder and harder. I hate this city and I have not been able to get accustomed. I´ve been traveling every weekend to my home to see my boyfriend and friends but it´s getting exhausting. Although I haven’t had problems making friends in the past, I haven´t made a single friend here. I work as an academic in an university and the level of competition is insane. I realized that sometimes, days go by but I haven’t spoken to anybody, except for a couple of hellos.
      I´m a marathon runner and running has been a huge help when things go south in the past. Even when I don´t feel like it, I know that if I do my training I´m gonna feel much better afterward, and the fact that I finished something that felt really difficult gives me the strength to believe I can do anything. But now, I can´t even go for a run, every time I´m here going for a run is a struggle and it got to the point that I stood up in from of the gym and then went back home to lay on the couch. This is a really low point for me.
      I feel so alone and I´m losing motivation to even do the things that I love the most. I don´t want to travel back home every weekend, don´t want to run or see or speak to anybody, and it´s getting harder and harder to get out of the bed every morning.
      Has anybody dealt with feelings like these? How did you overcome this?

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      Penny Williams

      Definitely could be depression. It’s time to see a clinician or therapist and talk about how you’re feeling.

      [Self-Test] Depression in Adults

      Also, from an outside perspective, it sounds like looking for a job in your hometown might be ideal for you. What you’ve described is that not being where you have friends and family and familiarity is making you sad (and exhausted). It’s important to outline what you find most important in your life and work toward those things. Then find a job that can support you in these other goals.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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