ADHD and blindness

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      Hello, I have the cursed happiness of being an addult in love with a wonderful blind man. I came here because I find it hard, especially today. I find it hard to manage and balance my life, our lives, the kids he has from a previous marriage and the rest. My man is fantastic and is very independent. He doesn’t rely on me that much. At least, not more than a non-visually impaired person would. He needs me for details. There lies the problem. He needs me for DETAILS!!!!
      An other problem is that I tend to go and do the whole thing instead of letting him do his part. This brings frustration for both of us. I am frustrated because I feel I do everything and he is not happy with the fact that I don’t allow him to intervene in our lives the way he wants. I have to work on my patience and that art called Letting go. It is hard for many reasons. Particularly because I have difficulty to let go of the control I fanthom I have.

      Thank you for reading me. Just writing this helps me to put my thoughts in order.

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