ADHD and Attitude?

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      Seems lately, after seeing YouTube videos on attitude, I’ve been trying to resist showing a negative attitude re: my circumstances over the years. It’s tough if not impossible with my ADHD to not blow up in a conniption without some form of medicine or treatment. It seems almost everybody has what they want from or personally and successfully experienced in life and I have ALMOST NOTHING LEFT or have ALMOST NO RECENT SUCCESS OR RECENT EXPERIENCE!

      I HATE not working and EXTREMELY HATE not working in a job related to my college and graduate school studies in computer science! The only things I can be thankful for is what I have left, food, a ceiling over my head, and some people (including employment/career counselors) who understand.

      It seems it is SOMEBODY ELSE whose university becomes bowl-eligible or wins a conference or national title over the decades, has a successful sex life with children, is able to purchase the house or car they want, et al. They are the ones who can get the positions they apply for while I get the letters that state “they found somebody better” as if I’m TOTALLY DEFECTIVE WITH NO HOPE OF SALVAGE!

      I just want my life to change for the better and I hope it does VERY SOON! I’m in a “What does it have to take for success?” mode and I don’t know how to resolve it to my benefit.

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      Hey, I read your answer and found that you are quite positive but in a negative way. Just remember this thing “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”
      ― Sharon Salzberg

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