ADHD and Addiction

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      Hello everyone,

      My partner has ADHD and he takes Vyvanse. Unfortunately, I have come to find out that he has a long history of and very severe addiction to porn. I had an idea that he was, and had urged him on many occasions to talk to his therapist about it.

      Thankfully he has hit a rock bottom recently, and is seeking treatment. He will continue to see his regular therapist, but has found a specialist to help with the specific porn addiction.

      Having read articles about this here on ADDitude, and finding that the ADHD brain seeks more and more dopamine to get that “high”, what treatment options are available? Aside from therapy, CBT, and support groups. If we are talking about an added chemical imbalance, should we also seek some sort of medication option as well? How do you keep an ADHD mind satisfied and busy so they do not fall back in to these habits?

      Didn’t know if anybody else had gone through this. I am sure we will hash this out in therapy. But, in the early stages here and I wanted to see if anybody else could share their experience.


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      Penny Williams

      Yes, medication can help with the stimulation seeking. It sounds like he is already going that route with Vyvanse. In addition to that, Therapy is probably best. It sounds like he’s on the right track in getting help — wanting help is half the battle.

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      Hang In there and find a support group for yourself! I found one from calling 1 800 NEW LIFE I have been a financial sponsor with them for years now

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      I don’t know if this would be helpful but I found it to be incredibly helpful for me in understanding my issues. The book Libido Dominandi by Dr E Michael Jones was recommended to me and it is one of the best things I have ever read. From Fidelity Press

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      Went thru this for years. I told him porn will no longer be acceptable in my home. It destroyed our sex life. I put an accountability app on our computer called Covenant Eyes. I made him watch a video by Dr Donald Hilton called your Brain on Porn. He didn’t realize what happened to him and the porn addiction. He has been porn free for 5 years. Our sex life has changed pretty dramatically. I told him it was porn or our marriage. Good luck that video is on YouTube and is worth watching.

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