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      Quick Question guys was on aderall XR for a year and half did wonders for me but but then after a few months started to wear off everything went well up until 2019 cold turkey and now dealing with severe anxiety should I taper off my medication and do it the safest way possible my anxiety is really bad

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      I would suggest getting on anxiety meds in addition to the adderall. I am on adderall Xr with adderall ir in the afternoons and Zoloft. My doc also said if the adderall seemed to stop working that she could help me take a break from it and start it up again. I guess taking a break makes it effective again. As I understand it, adhd often creates actual anxiety disorders, so the adderall probably doesn’t touch the anxiety disorder. Of course the anxiety could be a side effect of the meds too. I was on the anxiety meds before I was on adhd meds and they have both helped alleviate different, life interrupting symptoms. Good luck. Ask your doctor.

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      Penny Williams

      You should talk with the prescribing doctor about quitting any medication you take and follow their plan. Many medications require tapering off, although most don’t recommend that for stimulants.

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